‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Morgan’s Apparent Death Rocks Port Charles, Lulu And Nina Both Get Stunning News, And Tensions Between Maxie And Nathan Escalate

'General Hospital' star Bryan Craig

General Hospital spoilers tease that this will be a week filled with heartbreak as many throughout Port Charles face the aftermath of the car accident that seemingly killed Morgan Corinthos. Fans have been buzzing over the fact that something big was coming for this character, but many were stunned to see just where this storyline was headed. What comes next?

Actor Bryan Craig revealed the shocker recently that he had decided to leave General Hospital and the role of Morgan Corinthos. Viewers have watched the groundwork being laid for something big to develop with Ava messing around with Morgan’s bipolar medications and he was spiraling out of control. Friday and Monday’s episodes showed him taking Julian’s car and Jason chasing him down, then the car exploding right as Corinthos exited the vehicle to talk to Jason.

Has General Hospital really just killed off Morgan? The actor shared a snippet of a piece from TV Guide Magazine via his Instagram page that confirmed that Craig would depart the role during the week of October 10, teasing that it would be an explosive departure. As viewers have now seen, Jason and Dante desperately searched around the area of the explosion, but they haven’t been able to find any sign of Corinthos.

Based on the General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, word will start to spread during Tuesday’s episode about the explosion and Morgan’s disappearance. It sounds as if the rescue workers will find no sign of Corinthos and Jason will break the news to Sonny. Previews reveal that Sonny will make his way to the bluff to look for his son as well, and fans know that when Carly catches up to this she is going to be devastated. Spoilers haven’t detailed just when Carly will learn of her son’s apparent death, but it surely will not take long for her to find out and teasers note that she will be asserting herself in the episodes ahead.

There will be plenty of angst and guilt to go around in the aftermath of this explosion. Ava messed with Corinthos’ medications and that caused his outrageous behavior, and Sonny ordered the hit on Julian that led to the explosion. Not only did Ava mess with the medications, but she also used what she had learned about Paul being the “Angel of Mercy” serial killer to ensure that Julian was freed at his trial, thus sparking Sonny’s determination to take his nemesis out himself. Carly had been repeatedly pleading with Sonny to scale back on the violence, worried that it would blow back on their family, and now it has.

Soap Central indicates that Ava will be reeling in the episodes ahead and Julian will be worried that they are both in trouble. Julian is said to make a vow as this chaos plays out and Jason will be making a promise to Michael. Kiki had come to realize that Dillon was the man she wanted to be with, but it sounds as if Morgan’s apparent death and her connection to his final downward spiral will be too much for her and she will pull away from Dillon for now.

Is Corinthos really dead? In a similar fashion to what the series did when Tyler Christopher took a break, it seems that no body will be found and the character will be presumed dead for now. Obviously, in the land of soap operas, it will be easy to bring him back to life in this scenario if the show decides to recast the role. There has been some buzz swirling that the show may already be working on casting a new actor for the role and many viewers figure that he will likely return from the dead at some point. So far, however, there are no General Hospital spoilers detailing a timeframe for when this might happen.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, General Hospital spoilers detail that Lulu will get stunning news and Nina will be left heartbroken over getting some news herself. Franco’s continued presence is causing Sam some distress and everybody will see the bond between Carly and Nelle grow. Laura will be forgiving Kevin and giving him another chance and things will get increasingly complicated for Nathan and Maxie as Claudette’s antics continue.

While the main focus this week will obviously be Morgan’s apparent death, fans will also see major developments related to Nathan, Maxie, and Claudette, Carly and Nelle, Franco and Elizabeth, and drama with Nina. Things are really heating up as the show marches toward the November sweeps and General Hospital spoilers tease that big shockers are on the way that fans will not want to miss.

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