'Criminal Minds' Season 12 Behind The Scenes: Adam Rodriguez, Matthew Gray Gubler, And Thomas Gibson [Spoilers]

Criminal Minds Season 12 features transitions in both plot and cast. Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson, Derrick and Hotch are among those leaving the cast. Adam Rodriguez is joining the cast as Luke Alvez, fugitive hunter. At least five episodes will be devoted to tracking down various escaped serial killers which will be Luke Alvez time to shine. There will also be a couple of great episodes featuring Matthew Gray Gubler and Jane Lynch.

Adam Rodriguez is an amazing addition to Criminal Minds. Don't let his young face deceive. Rodriguez is a veteran actor. Two Paragraphs documents his roles in Jane the Virgin, Empire, The Night Shift, Reckless, CSI: Miami, Magic Mike, and Ugly Betty.

In Criminal Minds Season 12, Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) isn't so eager to put her heart on the line for the new guy, Luke, so soon after losing Derrick Morgan, played by Shemar Moore.

Criminal Minds' new guy Adam Rodriguez explained his character, Luke Alvez to TV Guide.
"He lives a very sparse lifestyle, probably one fork, one knife, one spoon in the house. A bowl, a plate, one cup. He just really lives a simple life. He's complex in that he's the kind of person that seems like he's hard to figure out but maybe really isn't. I think he's about some really basic things. I think he's about integrity and being passionate about his job. He served in the military for a while in a very specific unit as an Army major. I think you come through that life, there's a certain element of a rush that you become accustomed to. That's probably what led him to becoming a Fugitive Task Force guy for the FBI."
New Criminal Minds Cast Member Adam Rodriguez
New Criminal Minds Cast Member Adam Rodrigeuz [Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

Criminal Minds' favorite, Paget Brewster will return as Emily Prentiss. Prentiss will return to the BAU team as their leader in Hotch's absence. According to International Business Times, it is yet to be decided if she will remain the leader or of another character will be brought in as a permanent replacement for Thomas Gibson's character.

Jane Lynch is returning as Dr. Spencer Reid's mother. While Jane Lynch has not appeared on the show since Season 4, she is frequently discussed, and so her absence never feels like a departure.

Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds
Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

Matthew Gray Gubler, who plays Dr. Reid, will be featured co-starring with Jane Lynch in the two early 2017 Season 12 episodes. Lynch is definitely back for two episodes, but there may be more. Screen time shared between Lynch and Gubler is always very special.

Criminal Minds actor Thomas Gibson's exit will apparently occur in Episode 3. It was during Episode 3 that Gibson was fired for kicking a writer in the shin. Writers have strongly considered killing off the character Hotch but may have elected to have Hotch resign, or be promoted out of the department. The video below has some details about the reasons for his departure.

Criminal Minds Season 12 premiere, Episode 1 featured Adam Rodriguez in his debut as Luke. Will Adam's handsome face be enough to offset the massive hunk vacuum that typified Shemar Moore's departure? Time will tell.


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Matthew Gray Gubler, a major teen heartthrob, still has a major appeal for the younger female viewers which helps to fill that handsome male lead void as well. Still, with Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson suddenly absent, it is hard for viewers to adjust.

Criminal Minds Season 12 will feature an overarching villain who will be appearing in many episodes. Mr. Scratch, the villain who got into Hotch's brain in Season 10 with his super mind control tricks, will be back in a huge way in Season 12. In many ways, Mr. Scratch is the most terrifying villain ever to appear on criminal minds. His abilities border on supernatural.

Criminal Minds Season 12 has a lot to offer, from scenes with Matthew Gray Gubler and Jane Lynch, as well as Adam Rodriguez and the return of Paget Brewster.

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