Where Is Kirsty McLaughlin? Expat Disappears In Dubai

Authorities in Dubai are looking for a Scottish expat who has gone missing in their jurisdiction. The Evening Times reports that 26-year-old Kirsty McLaughlin was last seen on Sunday, and now her loved ones are concerned for her well-being.

Authorities say they are “now actively searching for her and they are taking her case extremely seriously,” but with approximately 24 hours past since she was last seen, her loved ones’ concerns are increasing. They have taken to social media in hopes of getting the word out about her disappearance. The Help Finding Kirsty McLaughlin page currently has nearly 2,000 followers — all of whom are sharing everything they can in hopes of finding this missing woman.

yo dubai if anyone has seen or heard from Kirsty McLaughlin speak up! https://t.co/xORWW7uIHk #wordofmouth #mydubai #community #speakup

— gutter punk trøll (@yazifailsatlife) October 10, 2016

Gulf News reports that her boyfriend reported her missing when she failed to show up at work on Sunday. Her boyfriend, whom she lives with, says that she left their home without her cellphone and hasn’t accessed her bank account since her disappearance. Other reports say that the missing Scottish expat was living in Dubai with her Australian boyfriend, named Mitch Joseph Wall. The man has recently posted to Facebook, expressing his concern about her disappearance.

“Please come home my love. No one’s going to be mad, no one’s going to shout at you, we all just want to know you are safe and sound. I love you xx.”

Kirsty is described as a white female, with hazel eyes and blonde-colored hair. She is of average height and build. Authorities believe she may be in her white VW Beetle. Some residents in Dubai have reportedly claimed to have seen the car around the area, but these reported sightings have not been confirmed by authorities.


Furthermore, new reports have surfaced which indicate that a white VW has been towed by authorities, but there have been no confirmations on whether or not this car is connected to the disappearance of the Scottish woman. If this car is connected to Kirsty’s disappearance, then detectives must determine whether or not there is evidence of a crime — or if her disappearance appears voluntary — by the condition of the vehicle and the items within it.

On social media, the missing woman’s friends, family and locals from both Dubai and Scotland are sharing their concerns — and speculations. Meanwhile, Kirsty’s disappearance is attracting the attention of popular crime forums, where discussion is currently active regarding her bizarre disappearance. Kirsty is reportedly a member of the Dubai Wasps Rugby team — and they’ve even taken to their official Twitter account to express their fears for their missing teammate.

MISSING PERSON. Kirsty McLaughlin, of #Greenock, missing in #Dubai where she works as a teacher. Missing for over 24 hrs. Plz RT. pic.twitter.com/3jd4fjDuXB

— Andy Clark (@AndyClark22) October 10, 2016

What happened to Kirsty McLaughlin? Was this missing woman the victim of foul play while living in a foreign country? Or is she simply missing under other circumstances? It’s up to authorities to figure out what happened to this missing woman, while her loved ones continue to hold onto hope. If you’re in Dubai, and you believe you have any information that could lead to the location of Kirsty McLaughlin, please do not hesitate to contact the authorities in Dubai or emergency services.

[Featured Image by Help Finding Kirsty McLaughlin/Facebook]