Farrah Abraham Endorses Donald Trump With Crude Slogan, Calls Clinton Family ‘Rapists’

Farrah Abraham Endorses Donald Trump With Crude Slogan, Calls Clinton Family 'Rapists'

Farrah Abraham isn’t shy about anything. She lets the world know everything about her, right down to how she moans during a sexual encounter. The Teen Mom OG star has several business ventures going, including a highly-viewed sex tape. Abraham has been highly criticized for her choices in everything from parenting to who she dates. It is part of the celebrity life and she embraces in completely.

The country is talking about who will be the next leader, and Farrah Abraham is jumping in with her take on the situation. According to Starcasm, Farrah Abraham endorses Donald Trump. She sent out a Snap Chat with a photo of her and it captioned with vulgarity. It said, “Grab Life By The P***y B***hes.” If that wasn’t bad enough, she also told everyone to “STFU about Trump and see the rapist Clinton family.” Abraham is a known Republican, voting for Mitt Romney over Barack Obama in 2012. Fans have been tweeting about this all day, and most of them seem disgusted by her rant and vulgarity.

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As if it wasn’t bad enough that Farrah Abraham was ranting about voting for Trump and slamming the Clintons, her on-again-off-again boyfriend Simon Saran weighed in. Actually, it was more of an entire Teen Mom OG event on Twitter. Morgan J. Freeman weighed in alluding to the fact he was pro-Clinton, and that conversation took a wrong turn when Saran brought up some of the Teen Mom stars doing drugs while filming. It is unclear who he meant as he didn’t directly call anyone else like he has in his famous roasts, but fans seem to think he was talking about Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra.

Never walk out & never quit #Strong #notaquitter @drjennmann ????????????????????

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There is speculation that Farrah Abraham is being vocal about supporting Donald Trump to get more notoriety. She is a reality television star turned sex tape star, and many people only view her as one of the faces of Teen Mom. Abraham has tried to break away from the show and do her own thing but ultimately returned against the wishes of at least one of her co-stars. In fact, she is pretty much on her own when it comes to the other ladies except for Amber Portwood who has remained in contact with her minimally. If she pursues supporting Trump and gets her name out there, Abraham likely thinks she can move up within her career and business ventures.

Tonight’s episode of Teen Mom OG features Farrah Abraham opening her store. There seems to be some hiccups with the opening and running things, which completely causes her to freak out. Abraham is already high strung and when things don’t go her way, a tantrum could ensue. Her mother, Debra, is there for the opening and seems to be trying to help her daughter through the chaos. Fans are waiting to see whether or not Simon will be a part of this or if they are on a break during this important moment in Abraham’s career.

Fans have been stalking Farrah Abraham on social media to see what else she is going to say in regards to the election. Besides endorsing Donald Trump, she has been spending quite some time trashing the Clinton family. Abraham allegedly accused James Deen of sexual misconduct a while back and now she is praising a man who is being scrutinized over leaked tapes and sexual misconduct. With all of the controversy surrounding it, there is a good chance Trump will notice he has a new, very vocal supporter. Farrah Abraham is easily the most controversial Teen Mom star and things just got kicked up a notch with her shocking endorsement of Donald Trump.

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