Donald Trump And Billy Bush: Bush Gets Suspended While Trump Continues To Run For POTUS, What Gives?

By now, virtually everyone in America is familiar with the notorious "Trump Tapes," recordings that feature sexually suggestive conversations between Donald Trump and Billy Bush. The tapes were "leaked" last week, and the words that come out of Donald Trump's mouth have been described as "lewd," "sexist," "offensive to women," "vile," and even described as sexual assault.

"'Grab them by the pu**y," Trump says. "You can do anything. And when you're a star they let you do it.'"

The aftermath of the release of the conversation between current Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and NBC's Billy Bush of The Today Show has been extreme for both men. Following the release of the explicit and offensive conversation between Billy Bush and Donald Trump, supporters of the GOP candidate have been dropping off the radar like flies, with more and more politicians and celebrities withdrawing their support for Donald Trump every single day since the tapes' release last week, reports USA Today.
However, despite flagging support, Donald Trump is still defiantly refusing to drop out of the race for the White House. And, apparently, the RNC isn't pushing the matter. As CNN reports, the RNC has reiterated its support for its nominee, despite the Donald Trump/Billy Bush scandal. According to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, the Committee is "standing behind" Trump in the midst of his latest offensive scandal.
"Nothing has changed in regard with our relationship. We are in full coordination with the Trump campaign. We have a great relationship with them. And we are going to continue to work together to make sure he wins in November."
Yep. Even though Donald Trump was caught on both video and audio talking about grabbing women "by the pu**y" because they're hot and getting away with it because he's rich, he is still one step away from the U.S. presidency. Billy Bush, on the other hand, got suspended from his gig at The Today Show, reports Vulture.

Billy Bush was officially suspended by NBC on Sunday. The reason? His words and role in the now-infamous Access Hollywood tape in which Donald Trump gets so offensively lewd. On Sunday, his suspension was announced as a temporary one. However, it is being widely reported that now that his sexually explicit conversation with Donald Trump has come to light, Billy Bush will most likely never work on Today again.

"He will never be on the show again."
Following the release of the Trump Tapes (which featured a 2005 conversation recorded during an Access Hollywood stint) Billy Bush issued a quick and concise public apology last Friday. That apology was circulated among media outlets by NBC. However, it's looking more and more like the public's outrage over the Trump Tapes is so great that Billy Bush is through with the network, apology or no apology.
"Obviously I'm embarrassed and ashamed. It's no excuse, but this happened eleven years ago — I was younger, less mature, and acted foolishly in playing along. I'm very sorry."
While it is starting to look like his candid and sexually explicit conversation with Donald Trump has ended Billy Bush's career, Donald Trump himself is not facing such extreme repercussions. In fact, while Trump issued a public apology for the recorded conversation (in which he describes touching women however he chooses with or without their permission because he wants to and he's rich), he has refused to drop out of the Presidential election.
Additionally, while Donald Trump was caught on audio and video completely disrespecting and sexualizing women, his "punishment" has been nothing more than losing some endorsements (a fairly comprehensive list of Republican's who've dumped Trump can be found here). He's still a few votes away from the White House, while Billy Bush may have found himself in the unemployment line, his career in shambles.
The apparent unfairness of Donald Trump's "punishment" versus Billy Bush's has caught a lot of people off guard, and it has a lot of celebrities coming out of the woodwork to condemn a political process that allows someone to run for POTUS after being caught up in the same conversation that likely cost a TV personality his job.
Many people appear to be simply caught off guard by the juxtaposition between the treatment of Billy Bush and the treatment of Donald Trump for participating in the same conversation. Particularly when Billy is a TV host and Donald Trump is aiming to be the leader of the free world.

What do you think? Was it appropriate for Billy Bush to be suspended while Donald Trump skirted virtually all official consequences?

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