Former ‘Bachelor’ Ben Higgins, Lauren Bushnell Star In Reality Series ‘Happily Ever After?’: Are They Really Happy Together?

Former 'Bachelor' Ben Higgins and fiance Lauren Bushnell

Faithful fans of The Bachelor remember historical Season 20 when Ben Higgins set out on his journey to find the woman of his dreams. Higgins not only fell in love with one woman, he fell in love with two. Ben had to choose between last season’s Bachelorette, JoJo Fletcher, and flight attendant, Lauren Bushnell. As everyone knows Ben ultimately decided he could not live without Lauren and he proposed to her at the final rose ceremony. Lauren said yes. The rest is history as they say, or is it? Ben and Lauren have agreed to let the world inside their relationship and are heading back to television in their new reality series, Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After?

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Are Higgins and Bushnell really happy together in their relationship? People shared the news that Ben and Lauren are in couples therapy through their church. Higgins said he and Lauren are wanting to build a healthy and honest foundation for their future. In doing so, Ben and Lauren have agreed on counseling so they have a mediator to help guide them through their issues. Higgins said, “Bachelor or not, our life is not easy to navigate. We have our struggles. But we won’t give up. And for every argument, we’re stronger for it.”

While they do have their fair share of issues and arguments, Bushnell says she would never run away from their problems. Lauren goes on to say she loves Ben and does want to spend her life with him. Us Weekly also shared details about their couples counseling revealing that Higgins and Bushnell think it will help them deal with rough spots in a long term relationship. Ben said, “We need a mediator between us just to help us communicate anything that we need to work out individually and together, and then let’s celebrate.” Higgins added how Lauren makes his life better.

One year ago today my life completely changed ???? so incredibly blessed to have met this amazing human.

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Bushnell also shared thoughts on their reasoning for attending the counseling sessions. She shared that she is only getting married one time and she wants to ensure she is taking everything as seriously as possible. Lauren added that she wants to make sure Ben knows everything about her and she knows everything about him. In the end, Ben and Lauren are still very happy together. Higgins said, “We’re really happy, and it’s a really good thing.”

Entertainment Weekly also caught up with Ben and Lauren to find out a little bit more about what fans can expect this season on Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After. Bushnell said the show is about her and Ben “figuring out life together.” Fans will get to see Ben and Lauren learning all about each other outside of The Bachelor and learning to live together. Lauren moved to Denver to be with Higgins in April.

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Aside from the couple learning everything there is to know about each other and sorting through everyday life, fans will get to see some Bachelor and Bachelorette alumni pop in for guest appearances. Among those scheduled to appear are Higgins ex and former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher, newly engaged Lace Morris and Grant Kemp, twins Emily and Haley Ferguson, and villain Chad Johnson. There is sure to be some drama pop up with Chad around!

Happily Ever After ✨

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Things are going well for Ben and Higgins did find love on The Bachelor and now it is Nick Viall’s turn. The 2017 season is currently filming and Ben and Lauren shared some advice for Nick with E! News. Higgins said, “Be honest, be open, be ready for one of the most exciting but also most emotionally taxing experiences of your life. Stay true to yourself, and if you do that, at the end of this, no matter what happens, it’ll be worth it.” No doubt it was worth it for Ben. While he and Lauren have not officially set a known wedding date, the two continue to head closer to the alter as they continue to fall in love.

Don’t miss the big premiere of Ben and Lauren: Happily Ever After on Freeform, October 11. Higgins and Bushnell are sure to keep fans entertained as everyone waits for Nick’s season of The Bachelor to premiere in January 2017.

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