WWE News: WWE Laid The Public Smackdown On WWE Superstar Paige, Claiming She Took An Illegal Drug

WWE Superstar Paige was suspended earlier this week after failing another drug test. These tests are done at random as part of the WWE Wellness Policy, and the company takes things very seriously. While all full-time wrestlers are part of it, none of the part-time WWE Superstars happen to be. Theoretically, there is also no reason for them to be, and this only became a big deal when Brock Lesnar failed a USADA test when he participated in a fight at UFC 200.

This policy was on the books for a long time, but the highlight came only after Lesnar’s UFC fight, but it is clear to see that some are upset when people fail and aren’t suspended for it. Paige made sure to highlight this when she was suspended, basically saying that some are treated differently. However, can she really be upset when she was the one who failed the test? If you don’t fail, then you’re never going to have a problem.

Paige claimed on Twitter that she failed despite a prescription and doctor’s note. Her father, a wrestler himself, said that she failed due to the painkillers doctors put her on in the United States. He would then further bash the states over their medical care. What he said about painkillers would have made sense considering she did visit doctors who told her she needed surgery. They certainly would have given her painkillers to help with the obvious pain she was in. However, WWE would know about her visit and what the doctor had said, so most assume they would know about the prescription.

While Paige and her family claimed prescription painkillers were the issue, WWE put an end to those rumors when they released a statement to the New York Post.

“Saraya-Jade Bevia tested positive for an illegal substance, not a prescription drug. In addition, WWE is providing world-class medical care for her in-ring injury.”

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WWE made sure to put this out for a good reason. Number one, they wanted to make sure the world knew she was getting medical care on WWE’s dime for what happened to her in the ring. WWE is connected to the best in the world and only send their people to those types, not some random doctor with a year of surgical experience under his or her belt. This is what they do with everyone, especially a person like Paige, who they want to be part of their future for the next number of years.

On top of this, WWE didn’t want people to think they suspended her for what a doctor gave her. She was suspended for taking an illegal drug, which could be a number of different things. As most know by now, the United States outlaws various drugs, but Canada and Mexico, for example, have drugs that are perfectly legal that the States would never allow a doctor to prescribe.

Of course, many have made assumptions regarding Paige. We all know WWE won’t suspend people for marijuana, so what she took was clearly bad enough for WWE to feel they had no choice. How could WWE know the drug was illegal? Whether it is done by urine or blood, a medical team determine what was taken. They may narrow it down to certain things, but if all fall under illegal, then clearly they did what they had to do.

WWE does like Paige a lot, but they won’t allow her to put down the company because she feels she can. It is obvious by now that she is attempting to get herself fired, as she asked for her release a while back and was turned down. Paige publicly shot down those rumors, but obviously, she isn’t doing anything now to prove them false.

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What many fans find most interesting is that Paige was a stand-up woman for years in WWE. She joined quite young but managed to do well with women older than her. She fit into the locker room well despite being very different from WWE Divas in the past. When WWE decided to call the women “female WWE Superstars,” this had to be a huge deal for Paige who had been fighting for better treatment for years. Now that they have it and WWE planned to have Paige put in a big position, she is now deciding to rebel?

Most believe that the relationship with Alberto Del Rio is to blame. While this could be true, there would be no reason for Paige to try her hardest to get out of her WWE contract by publicly attacking the WWE and taking illegal drugs just to test positive. One would hope she doesn’t have a drug problem and simply felt that she could do something that would allow her to fail. She knows like everyone that WWE has a three strikes rule and she wants to strikeout.

If she does test positive three times, she will be released from her WWE contract and will not be able to re-sign for 365 days or a year in full. It would be a shame for her to do all of this and throw away her entire career, especially if it has to do with Del Rio. WWE can only control so much, but let us hope they’ll be able to nip things in the bud when it comes to future issues with Paige and the WWE Wellness Policy.

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