Mark Burnett Threatens To Sue His Staff for $5M If Tapes Are Leaked — Donald Trump Allegedly Said ‘Ni***r’ In Unaired Footage [Breaking]

Donald Trump

Mark Burnett holds GOP candidate’s fate in his hands, and he’s not ready to let go, just yet. The award-winning producer allegedly has unaired footage of Donald Trump saying “ni**er,” but he has threatened his employees with a lawsuit if they leak it.

Raw Story reports that producer, Chris Nee said on Twitter that the footage cannot be released because of a legal hang-up. The Apprentice employees face a legal penalty of $5M if they leak the footage as part of their contract.

“The price is $5M to cover the penalty fee, and we get to hear him use the N-word, from what I hear,” Nee wrote.

The Apprentice producer and Donald Trump supporter, Mark Burnett vowed to sue any employee that tried to leak the video to the media.

“I don’t have the tapes. I’ve signed a Burnett contract and know leak fee is $5M. I hear from producer and crew, the N-word is the much worse,” Chris Nee explained.

A GoFundMe campaign was launched just hours after the initial report of the unaired footage, in hopes to raise money for the Trump tapes. So far, they have raised almost $10,000—a far cry away from the $5M needed to see Donald’s secret tapes.

Hillary Clinton supporter David Brock offered to pay the fee, if it meant the public would hear Donald Trump saying the word “ni**er” on tape.

“If a $5 million ‘leak fee’ is what stands between truth and total #Trump implosion, sign me up,” Brock said.

New York Daily News reports that Nee’s initial tweets referenced Bill Pruitt. Apparently, Bill was a former producer on The Apprentice who had first-hand knowledge of Donald Trump’s alleged nasty temper and outrageous behavior on the set.

“As a producer on The Apprentice Seasons one and two, I can assure you that when it comes to #Trumptapes, there are far worse,” Pruitt wrote.

It was just a few days ago a 2005 unaired audio clip was released that nearly derailed Donald’s campaign. Trump told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush that he could do anything he wants to a woman because of his celebrity status. Donald went on to say, ” Grab them by the p***y! You can literally do whatever you want.”

On Sunday, October 9, Geraldo Rivera claimed that he had tapes of “embarrassing” statements that Trump had made.

“I have interviewed Donald Trump many times and been with him many times and I have tapes. My brother and I have been starting to go through the tapes now and there are statements that, in the context of the current climate, would be embarrassing,” Rivera stated. Geraldo didn’t state whether he planned to release his tapes.

If David Brock doesn’t pay the $5M legal fee for the Trump tapes, billionaire Mark Cuban states he will fork over the cash. Brock confirmed that he would back the leaker both financially and legally, BuzzFeed reports. All he wants in return is the unaired Trump tapes.

The tapes are said to be so damaging and could cost Donald Trump the general election. According to Twitter exchange with Chris Nee, Trump repeatedly uses the N-word in the footage. Of course, Nee admits that she has never personally heard the tapes, only heard rumors.

Whether or not Brock or Cuban pay the “leak fee” to The Apprentice staffer, the damage is done. The public now knows that Donald Trump has used defamatory comments to describe women, veterans, disabled, Muslims, and now African-Americans. Do you think The Apprentice staffer will leak the unaired tapes to either David Brock or Mark Cuban? Will the evidence of the tape hurt Donald Trump’s campaign?

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