June 29, 2017
How Donald Trump Lost The Debate Before It Even Started With Bogus Sexual Assault Victims

It's the day after the second Presidential debate, and as usual, there is a lot to talk about. It's being touted as one of the darkest debates of American history by the Chicago Tribune, and multiple other outlets. This all rests on the fact that two hours before the second Presidential debate of Elections 2016 even started, Donald Trump went low, really low.

Having suffered real hits to his campaign before last night's debates, in light of the Trump tapes that were released this weekend, Donald Trump attempted to regain control of the conversation about sexual assault by attacking his opponent in a very dark way. He held a press conference event before the debate that included a table of four women, all who have very serious allegations against former President Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton.

What Donald Trump didn't say during this press event was that the allegations these women had against President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have never been proven, verified, or confirmed. By holding this presser before the debate, he effectively set himself up for a loss before the debate even began with this dramatic stunt that was not received well by the majority of the public.

At least, it was called a press conference event. But the press was not allowed to speak. It was simply a table of women passing off unproven allegations against President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. This happened just moments before the debate. Donald Trump did not exactly get the response he had been hoping for.




What Donald Trump didn't say at the pre-debate event, and, likely the reason that he would not permit reporter's questions, was that all of the women that were at his event were making claims that have not been verified or confirmed by anyone. At least one of the women at yesterday's pre-debate event has been investigated by the FBI for lying about Bill Clinton after she failed at least one polygraph about the allegations in question.

Her allegations were dropped because her story kept changing. There were a number of inaccuracies and flat-out false allegations from the other women at the table as well. Donald Trump also did not tell people that the very women he paraded in front of the world yesterday as sexual assault victims were women that Donald Trump once called liars, and ugly, according to the Daily Beast.

Daily Beast reports that in an interview with Fox News in August, 1998, Donald Trump said that President Bill Clinton was the victim of the entire scandal, and back then, discussed the accusers he paraded yesterday in an ugly light, literally. He said the following.

"The whole thing, it's just so unattractive. Linda Tripp may be one of the most unattractive human beings I've ever seen — not women, human beings. You look at Paula Jones, I mean, the whole cast of characters. It's like it's from Hell. It's a terrible group of people. And I'm not just talking about physical, but I'm also talking about physical. I don't necessary agree with the victims. The victims are terrible."

The entire pre-debate event left a sour taste for many before the debate even began. But that wasn't even the worst thing that Donald Trump did yesterday before the debate began. He also wanted to pull a stunt at the debate by allowing the four women to sit with his family, reports the Washington Post.

This plan was thwarted. It set a very dark tone before the debate even began, and for many, a loss for Donald Trump. Before the debate even started, Hillary Clinton tweeted a video of Michelle Obama at the Democratic Convention with the simple comment, "Remember."


It was the "when they go low we go high" statement that Michelle Obama has made famous since the convention. At last night's debate, Donald Trump went low, Hillary Clinton went high. This is reflected in today's CNN polls where Hillary's numbers are high, and Donald Trump's are low.

CNN calls Hillary Clinton the clear winner of last night's debate, with 57 percent of the poll vote to Donald Trump's 34 percent.


The panel of women that attended last night's pre-debate conference included Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, and Juanita Broaddrick, reports CNN. Also in attendance was a woman, Kathy Shelton, who was raped as a child and whose accused was defended by Hillary Clinton.

Juanita Broaddrick spoke of some allegations and made serious, and false, claims about both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. At the event, she said the following.

"I'm here to support Mr. Trump because he's going to make America great again … Mr. Trump may have said some bad words but Bill Clinton raped me and Hillary Clinton threatened me. I don't think there's any comparison."

Media Matters reports that what actually happened with Juanita Broaddrick was a claim that Bill Clinton raped her 38 years ago when he was Arkansas governor. But, her story kept changing. And, when she was a key witness in the Paula Jones case, she ultimately signed an affidavit saying her own claims were untrue.

Also, she claimed that Hillary Clinton threatened her. This is false. The extent of her communication with Hillary Clinton is Hillary Clinton saying to her, "I'm so happy to meet you and want you to know that we appreciate everything you do for Bill."

So, Hillary Clinton has not threatened Jaunita Broaddrick. Juanita did not tell the truth yesterday.

Paula Jones is also easily discredited. She opened a sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill Clinton. It was settled for $850,000, when Paula Jones decided to drop the case against him when all of her witnesses kept changing their stories. In the settlement, there is no admission of guilt by President Bill Clinton.


After signing an affidavit saying her claims were not true, Juanita Broaddrick changed her story again, reports Media Matters. She was investigated by the FBI and also independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr, and her story was considered inconclusive.

Kathleen Willey was also at the pre-debate event last night. Her historical claims are that President Clinton "groped" her in 1993 in the White House. She also was investigated by the FBI for lying, and she was removed as a witness in any impeachment case against President Bill Clinton because the FBI concluded she lied as noted in the official report, "Investigation of Allegations Made by Kathleen Willey."

This report closes with the following note.

"Willey's Jones testimony differed from her grand jury testimony on material aspects of the alleged incident. She said at her deposition that she could not recall whether President Clinton succeeded in kissing her and that he did not fondle her. She also claimed she had never talked to anyone about the incident. The Independent Counsel agreed not to prosecute Willey for any offense arising out of this investigation, including false statements in her Jones deposition, so long as she cooperated fully and truthfully. Following that first immunity agreement, Willey gave false information to the FBI."
So, Kathleen Willey is not the most credible person to be putting up at a press conference before a national debate. Her stories, it seems, change with the way the wind is blowing, and she was investigated for that by the FBI. She was almost prosecuted for that as well.



But her outrageous claims did not even stop there. After all of this, Willey claimed that the Clintons killed her husband, as well as a former White House aide, and that Hillary Clinton also hired someone to kill her cat, reports the New York Sun in 2007.

Donald Trump did not tell anybody yesterday that Juanita Broaddrick failed an FBI polygraph, and that Kathleen Willey was almost prosecuted for lying to the FBI at last night's pre-debate conference. He would not allow journalists to speak.

He also brought forward a rape victim, saying that Hillary Clinton got a rapist off, and laughed at the rape victim. This story is easily proven false as well.

NBC has created a brief infographic to fact check these false claims. Hillary Clinton did defend an accused rapist, but she did not get an acquittal. He pled out to lesser charges, and she never laughed at the victim.


The victim parade was the dark tone that Donald Trump started his debate with. But, it did not even stop there, and got even darker before the first set of insults were thrown during debate. TheWashington Post says that Donald Trump attempted an even more egregious move, which was thwarted literally moments before the debate.

Donald Trump wanted those alleged victims, who have been proven wrong and have even been almost prosecuted for lying, to sit with his family in the front row at the debates last night. The plan was assisted by Rudy Giuliani.

When the Commission on Presidential Debates found out, they told the Trump camp not to do this. They also said if they tried, the women would be removed by security on live television, reports the Washington Post.

The plan was allegedly concocted by Trump campaign executives Jared Kushner and Stephen Bannon. Jared Kushner is Ivanka Trump's husband. The Washington Post says that Rudy Giuliani was part of the plan as well, and even described it with detail, almost, with pride it seems.

"We were going to put the four women in the VIP box. We had it all set. We wanted to have them shake hands with Bill, to see if Bill would shake hands with them."

Rudy Giuliani says that "Fahrenkopf said no — verbally said no that security would throw them out." Frank Fahrenkopf is the Presidential Debate Commission's Co-Chair, and a former Republican National Committee Chair. TheWashington Post says that up until the debate began airing, nobody knew if the women were going to be seated in the VIP box and lead to a massive security drama.

It was only until Rudy Giuliani began ushering them to different seats that all parties realized the plans to stop them were successful. Rudy Giuliani also said the following.

"We pulled it because we were going to have a big incident on national TV. Fahrenkopf stopped us, and we weren't going to have a fight on national TV with the commission to start the debate."

The Washington Post also reports that the Trump campaign is asking Fahrenkopf to step down from his position as the Debate Commission's Co-Chair before the next debate on October 19. It is unclear what grounds Donald Trump is using as the basis for this request.

But, Donald Trump has said he will not step down himself from the campaign, despite being asked to by many members of the GOP elite since the Trump tapes were leaked this weekend. Donald Trump then started off the debate standing by his claims that the Trump tapes were just locker room talk. Hillary Clinton tweeted about that today.


Hillary has also been very busy reminding the American people what exactly Donald Trump has said about women in the past.


Last night in post-debate analysis on CNN, John King talked about the woman vote and Hillary Clinton, noting, she has the woman vote in "overwhelming numbers." He also said the middle-aged woman in America would be the demographic that decides this election.

Hillary Clinton had this vote locked in before last night's debate with a double-digit margin, and, in light of recent events, is expected to keep it. The L.A. Times poll tracker today has Hillary Clinton ahead by five points in the national polls.

She also leads Donald Trump with women with 48 percent of women vote to Donald Trump's 38 percent. She also leads in every racial minority. If those numbers stay the same, and she is expected to at this stage of the game, they will add up to a win for Hillary Clinton.

Those are the overwhelming numbers CNN's John King spoke of in post-debate wrap up last night. He also said, the only way for Donald Trump to change that so late in the game would be to change entirely as a person, noting, "There's not enough time left for that."

Here is a clip from last night's pre-debate conference.


Donald Trump's stunts last night have done less to help him than planned, and, looking at the numbers, even hurt him. The analysis of today in most polls shows Hillary Clinton has won the debate, and Donald Trump has only made his case worse. What was your reaction to the press conference before last night's debate? Who do you think won the debate?

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