Study: Burger King Has The Slowest Drive-Thru In The World Of Fast Food

Burger King reportedly has the slowest drive-thru time on-average when stacked up against six of the nation’s other popular fast food companies, according to ABC News. In a recent study, the restaurant chain landed in last place, skunked by the likes of Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and it’s rival, McDonald’s.

Of course, Burger King doesn’t view their position on the list as an altogether bad thing. In a recently-released statement, the company explained that it “prides itself on providing excellent products and great service to all of our guests.” If that means your own experience at the restaurant’s drive-thru is a little slower than most, then so be it.

“As part of our HAVE IT YOUR WAY promise, we offer great-tasting products that are fresh and made-to-order for each guest; from flame-grilled hamburgers to smoothies and frappés,” the fast food chain said. “The level of customization may delay the drive-thru experience.” Well played, Burger King.

Time reports that Wendy’s currently rests at the other end of the spectrum. Out of the surveyed eateries, Dave Thomas’ fast food empire offers the fastest drive-thru experience on average. Although your time may vary, most people can expect to spend around 129.75 seconds in the restaurant’s drive-thru lane.

Coming in at a close second is Taco Bell, who gets food to their customers around 20 seconds slower than Wendy’s. Again, depending on the quality of the employees at your neighborhood location and the amount of traffic it receives on a daily basis, your wait time will surely differ from the average.

Sadly, the drive-thru lane isn’t the only area where Burger King is lacking. According to the study published by QSR Magazine, only 27.4 percent of those polled would describe their experience at the fast food chain as “very pleasant.” Although 34.3 percent claimed their BK adventure was “pleasant,” that still leaves room for plenty of unhappy patrons.

Below is the list of fast food restaurants and their respective times:

1. Wendy’s – 129.75 seconds
2. Taco Bell – 149.69 seconds
3. Bojangles’ – 171.61 seconds
4. Krystal – 175.94 seconds
5. McDonald’s – 188.83 seconds
6. Chick-fil-A – 190.06 seconds
7. Burger King – 201.33 seconds

Do you agree that Burger King has the slowest drive-thru times out of those restaurants surveyed by QSR Magazine?