WWE News: Paige Violates The WWE Wellness Policy Again, Suspended For 60 Days


Believe it or not, Paige hasn’t appeared on WWE programming since late June. The past four months have not been easy for the two-time WWE Divas Champion, but she’s been talked about heavily, which is difficult to do after not wrestling a match or making an appearance on WWE television for over three months.

Her public relationship with Alberto Del Rio has been a frequent topic of discussion for the WWE Universe over the past several months. At first, their relationship was just a curious thing to the fans, but then the reports began to fly about it causing significant issues backstage in WWE. Now, Del Rio has been released by WWE on mutual terms, but Paige’s status with WWE continues to create drama.

In August, Paige violated the WWE Wellness Policy and was suspended for 30 days. During that time, it was revealed that she was dealing with more than some issues with WWE’s Wellness Policy. As Del Rio was leaving the company, there were rumors about Paige quitting WWE with him. She hasn’t left yet, but her status with WWE continues to plummet, and her time in WWE could be coming to an end.


Although she didn’t quit the company last month, it was reported that Paige had hired lawyers to get her out her contract with WWE that doesn’t expire until 2019. The WWE Universe continued to wonder if she had officially quit working for WWE, her first suspension ended in September. Unfortunately, Paige’s status became even more complex due to the nagging injuries she’s been dealing with since last June.

As her suspension expired, the reports about her WWE status claimed that she had not left the company yet and was expected to return to WWE television very soon. Unfortunately, she still hasn’t returned to WWE programming. In fact, it’s been reported that she’s going to need major neck surgery and could even lose a year of her career due to injury.

As of this writing, her neck injury remains unconfirmed. However, some breaking news has informed the WWE Universe that Paige will at least be missing the next 60 days thanks to her second violation of the WWE Wellness Policy. Even if Paige is healthy, she won’t be eligible to return to WWE television until mid-December at the earliest. This latest news brings up the question if she’s going to be returning at all.


Her second violation of the WWE Wellness Policy brings up only three possibilities about her future in the company. The first is that Paige made a genuine mistake and is going through a really rough time. However, it may be possible that she is sabotaging her WWE career to get out of her contract. The final option is she just thought she could get away violating the policy while she’s injured and off the road.

The problem is that none of these scenarios are making her future in WWE look promising. Paige very well may be attempting to get out of her WWE contract, which makes sense. After all, three years is a long time to wait in a workplace she may no longer want to be a part of anymore. However, it’s a pity to tarnish her relationship with WWE at the young age of twenty-four. There is still so much for her to do in the industry.

Paige would easily be able to work with other big promotions and make a great living outside of WWE. On the other hand, she may be done with the business overall. There are some big questions that need to be answered about Paige’s future in WWE and the wrestling industry in general. Unfortunately, the answers to those questions may be delayed another two months.

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