Never mind ‘cash for clunkers’ how about ‘cash for old guns’?

While the popularity of the government's cash for clunkers program to try and jump start the sales of more environmentally friendly cars has lead to other industries into trying similar type programs I don't think any come close to this one.

In order to boost their sales during these hard time Sig Sauer has started their own version where they will offer up a $200 discount to gun owners who turn in their old guns and buy a brand-new Sig Sauer. Of course there are some rules to this – such as not getting a rebate for any old zip gun or some rusty .38 Special.

In order to qualify for the deal the "klunker" guns must be operational and free of cracks in the the frame or other key components. It must also be a semi-auto pistol 9mm or larder, or a revolver of .38 caliber or larger.

Call me pessimistic but I can just imagine the line-ups in cities like L.A., New York and southern states.

hat tip to Wired: Danger Room