WWE ‘No Mercy’ 2016 Results: Reactions From Daniel Bryan On Dolph Ziggler Match, Nikki Bella On Win Over Carmella, And New Alexa Bliss Vs. Becky Lynch Match Date

WWE No Mercy results Dolph Ziggler defeats The Miz

The WWE No Mercy 2016 results are now official after Sunday night’s blockbuster pay-per-view. The latest event was a SmackDown exclusive branded event that took place in Sacramento, California at the Golden 1 Center. No Mercy saw AJ Styles leave with his championship, as well as tag team champs Heath Slater and Rhyno. The results went mostly as fans expected, although there had been some question over Dolph Ziggler. There were reports and rumors floating around that he might be leaving WWE after this pay-per-view. Once a stipulation was added to the match where his career was on the line, it made it seem like more of a possibility that he was on the way out. However, Dolph emerged with a big victory and captured the WWE Intercontinental Championship from The Miz. After the show, No Mercy reactions were given from various superstars including “The Show Off” and SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan.

According to Wrestling Inc, Bryan talked on the WWE Network’s show Talking Smack about how Dolph vs. Miz wasn’t the main event. Many fans and wrestling analysts felt that once WWE had moved the WWE World Heavyweight title Triple Threat match to the first spot on the pay-per-view card, it indicated Ziggler and Miz would main event. However, the Intercontinental Championship bout took place in the middle of the show. Ziggler appeared as a guest on Talking Smack and suggested that Shane McMahon and Bryan should consider letting an Intercontinental title match be the main event at one of these shows.

Daniel Bryan mentioned how he had considered doing that, although his answer was a bit political.

“I apologize because I thought Randy [Orton] and Bray [Wyatt] also deserved to be in the main event, but you guys deserve to be in that spot.”

Orton and Wyatt had the main event match and the finish involved a surprise return from Wyatt Family member Luke Harper. There had been some speculation that women’s wrestler Eva Marie might make her return to the ring as Sister Abigail. Instead, it was Harper, who came face-to-face with “The Viper” in the ring and cost him the match. Bray Wyatt put Orton down with his finishing move and got the pinfall victory. Harper and Wyatt left the scene with Orton recovering in the ring.

SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch was not a part of the program due to injury concerns. In her place, Alexa Bliss took on Naomi and the No. 1 contender lost the match. Bliss was none too happy about the champion not appearing at the show to defend the title. She also claimed her new opponent “Naomi,” cheated for the win. However, according to WrestleZone, Bliss is still considered the No. 1 contender and will get her shot at Becky’s championship on November 8 in Glasgow.

That was the second match of the evening for the women’s division as earlier Nikki Bella finally got her hands on Carmella. Nikki managed to impress the fans by powering up with Carmella’s legs wrapped around her neck in a submission hold. Ultimately, Nikki hit the Rack Attack and finished off her foe. It’s likely that she and Carmella may meet up again unless Nikki gets put into the title picture soon.

In a video posted by WWE to YouTube, Nikki talked about her emotional victory. The former longest-reigning WWE Divas Champion said that her win felt like a WrestleMania type moment for her with everything she’s been through since her return to WWE. Bella was sidelined for months due to having surgery for a neck injury, and there had been some question as to whether she’d ever return to the ring again. However, it’s clear she’s back and a force to be reckoned with in the women’s division.

There is likely to be plenty of fallout from Sunday’s WWE No Mercy results. In particular, several matches featured antics by the winners, including the victories by AJ Styles and Bray Wyatt. Luckily for fans, SmackDown Live hits the USA Network on Tuesday night. So expect to see all of the superstars giving more reactions, or in some cases, explanations, about their matches.

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