Columbus Day 2016: What’s Open Today? A Full List Of Bank And Store Hours Plus Sales For October 10

Columbus Day 2016: What's Open Today? A Full List Of Bank And Store Hours Plus Sales For October 10

Columbus Day 2016 is here, and with it comes plenty of confusion about what’s open and what’s closed.

While the day celebrating Christopher Columbus is a federal holiday — which means that all government offices are closed, including post offices and DMV locations — it’s also a somewhat important shopping holiday as retailers try to grab their first major push of shoppers for the fall. But that leaves a bit of a confusing mess about what places remain open and what’s closed or on limited hours.

The day itself has shifted from the past, noted, moving from a set date to the second Monday in October.

“Until 1970, the day was celebrated on Oct 12, no matter which day of the week it occurred. After 1970, the holiday was fixed to the second Monday in October in keeping with the Uniform Monday Holiday Act that placed the observance of certain holidays on Mondays.”

The day itself has generated quite a bit of controversy, both for the way Columbus treated native people and for the many who point out that he wasn’t actually the first European traveler to reach the New World. But for people just trying to get to the bank, that’s a bit beside the point.

A list of what’s open and what’s closed on Columbus Day 2016 can be found below.

What’s closed on Columbus Day 2016?

As mentioned above, all federal offices are closed on Columbus Day 2016, and most major banks are closed as well (the ones that remain open can be found listed below). There are also some states that place restrictions on other stores on this holiday, including some states where liquor stores are either closed or on reduced hours (sorry, Massachusetts residents).

Chances are, you will also be at work on Columbus Day. The Society for Human Resource Management found that the majority of employers will be staying open on October 10, with the next major day off not coming until Thanksgiving.

What’s open on Columbus Day 2016?

The list of what’s open on Columbus Day 2016 is much, much longer. Because retailers see this as a chance to push some sales and kick-start their fall shopping season, all major retailers will be open and on full hours. That means Costco, Walmart, Target, and Kmart locations will be open. The same goes for grocery stores, including Whole Foods, Wegmans, and Trader Joes. The only problem could come with the very small or family-owned grocery stores, but traditionally these won’t take off for Columbus Day either.

Major chain restaurants — T.G.I. Fridays, Applebees, and the like — are open as well. The same goes for movie theaters.

There are also some banks that remain open for Columbus Day, including Chase and Wells Fargo. The nation’s financial sector actually stays humming on Columbus Day as well, with the stock markets open.

Columbus Day 2016 sales

So with nearly all stories staying open on Columbus Day 2016, there are a lot of chances for shoppers to grab some special sales, whether they’re shopping online or in person. Fortune compiled a list of some of the biggest sales for Columbus Day.

Below are some of the best deals they found.

Up to 60 percent off a list of exactly 1,492 different items

Ralph Lauren
Offering 30 percent off style sales

Walmart Summer Clearance Sale Deals
There are more than 1,300 items listed among the retailer’s Summer Clearance, with some items listed for as low as 99 cents

Offering up to 50 percent off a selection of Columbia apparel and accessories

Bed Bath & Beyond Clearance Sale
Up to 67 percent off a selection of clearance items

If there’s a smaller store or a locally owned business that you want to visit on Columbus Day 2016 and aren’t sure if they’re open or closed, it’s best to just call ahead and see if the doors will be open.

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