Is Ben Needham Deceased? Missing Toddler’s Mum Prepares For The Worst

The search for Ben Needham has lasted approximately 25 years, with no apparent end in sight. Does this mean that the lad may never be found? Unfortunately, the missing toddler’s mother believes that he’ll likely be found deceased if he is found after all this time. BBC News reports that Kerry Needham has been told to “prepare for the worst,” in regards to the search for her long-missing son.

The mother of the missing British toddler recently expressed that she doesn’t believe her son will be found alive. These statements come during recent digs for the missing boy, which have lasted approximately three weeks. So far, nothing of immediate interest has been found in this latest search, but Kerry Needham (and her loved ones) is holding on to hope that there will eventually be closure in this case. Meanwhile, reports have noted that approximately 60 different items have been found in the latest digs, but it is not known at this time if these items are at all related to the search for 21-month-old Ben.

Ben Needham went missing during the summer of 1991 while living on the Greek island of Kos at his maternal grandparents’ residence. The mysterious disappearance has remained one of the longest cases of a missing British child, next to the unsolved disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Over the course of the 25-year-long search for Ben, authorities have never been able to uncover what may have happened to him. However, detectives somehow learned that the boy might have been killed in an accident at a construction site — and that is what sparked the most recent digs in the search for him.

The search for the missing British toddler has attracted worldwide attention due to the highly mysterious circumstances that surround his case. While many people try to hold on to hope that Ben is living his life as an adult somewhere in the world, others share the sentiment that he may no longer be alive. Now that the mother of the missing child has come out with the same sentiment, social media is lighting up with words of encouragement, as well as condolences. Meanwhile, this high-profile disappearance continues to be compared to the disappearance of 3-year-old Madeleine McCann. In fact, Madeleine McCann’s mother has spoken out in support of Kerry Needham in light of these recent developments.

The disappearance of Ben Needham could be a step closer to being solved if the latest digs uncover any actual evidence of what happened to the tot. The Telegraph has clarified more on what may have happened to the little boy, but the details are indeed heartbreaking. Authorities believe a man named Konstantinos Barkas could be responsible for the death of the 21-month-old child. It is unclear, however, what could happen if anything related to Ben’s disappearance is found during this search — which is reportedly connected directly to Barkas. If the man is ultimately responsible for the child’s death, he cannot be prosecuted — or even interrogated. That’s because he died last year, of stomach cancer.

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