WWE Rumors: Will Sasha Banks Vs. Charlotte Still Be A ‘Hell In A Cell’ Cage Match?

WWE Rumors: Will Sasha Banks Vs. Charlotte Be A 'Hell In A Cell' Cage Match?

There really wasn’t any surprise; you didn’t need to check the WWE rumors for accuracy because it was obvious based on recent Monday Night Raw storylines. On Sunday night, at the SmackDown-exclusive No Mercy pay-per-view, it was announced that WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens would be defending his belt at Hell in a Cell 2016 against Seth Rollins, and that new Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks would face Charlotte in a rematch for the title at that same event. But what struck many fans as a bit disappointing was the lack of confirmation as to whether the latter matchup would be a Hell in a Cell Match held inside the event’s titular steel cage. According to Cageside Seats, Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte will be a standard match (like Owens vs. Rollins), “unless something changes in the coming weeks.”

The importance of Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte being held within the Hell in a Cell cage cannot be understated. After all, it is an iconic match type that’s been around for close to two decades and been responsible for some great wrestling. Since its introduction in 1997, the Undertaker has fought some of his most memorable matches inside the Hell in a Cell cage. And in 1998, Undertaker vs. Mankind (a.k.a. Mick Foley) became THE ultimate Hell in a Cell Match at King of the Ring, when the former threw the latter from the top of the 16-foot cage, sending Mankind crashing through the Spanish announce table and inspiring an unforgettable quote from announcer Jim Ross — “With God as my witness, he’s broken in half!”

No one is expecting anyone to replicate that in the foreseeable future. But what many had been hoping for, thanks to recent WWE rumors, was Sasha Banks defending her Raw Women’s title at Hell in a Cell 2016 against Charlotte, and doing so inside the cage. Fans had been hoping to see them become the first female competitors to take part in the Hell in a Cell Match itself. As previously confirmed, Roman Reigns and Rusev’s title match for the midcard United States Championship will be held inside the Cell. But Sasha and Charlotte? It would appear that WWE is still unsure about the idea of having two women compete in such a dangerous, intense setting.

There are many reasons why WWE should make it two, and not just one Hell in a Cell Matches at Hell in a Cell 2016. Aside from Banks and Charlotte having an opportunity to break another barrier for female wrestlers, the perception of women’s wrestling has greatly changed. As 411Mania reported, women in WWE are no longer seen as mostly pretty and talentless eye candy, but as legitimate competitors. And since the publication still went by the WWE rumors that the match will take place inside a steel cage, writer Ryan Waterman also noted that such a match could be a chance for WWE to explore the unknown, just as it’s often done in the past with varying success. But lastly, having Sasha vs. Charlotte inside Hell in a Cell in the show’s main event, and in front of Banks’ hometown audience in Boston, would serve as the ideal and decisive conclusion to their epic feud.

“With Banks as champion, the Sky is the Limit (no pun intended) as far as feuds go. After a six-month feud, this is the perfect way to finish it off with a bang.”

Of course, anything can change in between now and Hell in a Cell 2016, which takes place on October 30 at the TD Garden. Countless WWE rumors could pop up in the coming weeks, and we could get an official announcement in the Raw episodes to follow. But we do hope those rumors get confirmed, and that Sasha Banks and Charlotte do indeed take part in the first-ever women’s match to be held inside the Hell in a Cell cage.

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