There Were Protesters, But Katie Managed a Real Smile

Last night, there were lots of masks, signs, and chants to “Free Katie” around the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, where she was doing her preview for All My Sons and a scary grinning Tom Cruise was watching. CNN reports that there weren’t more than 20 people getting anti-Scientology outside, but Katie still managed to look much less disturbed than at the dress rehearsal on Wednesday.

People are even saying that Katie did an awesome job, so hopefully we’ll be seeing some real smiles soon. OK! mag reports that the post-show scene was encouraging:

“Outside, the pre-show crowd had swelled to more than 150 screaming fans and dozens of photographers as a half-dozen police officers on horseback patroled the crowd who now carried signs pronouncing, ‘Well Done Katie!’.”

A member of the audience did say that Katie “has her hands on her hips a lot like she’s posing for pictures and she projects her voice a bit too much,” so we’ll see how things go.