New iMac 2016 Update Rumors: Release Date And Specs For Apple’s Latest All-In-One

Apple's 2015 iMac

When it comes to Apple’s Mac lineup, a heavy emphasis is placed on their MacBook range of laptops. However, Apple also offers a number of desktop variants of their Mac platform, including most prominently, the iMac. The all-in-one Mac is due for an upgrade in 2016, alongside Apple’s revised MacBook Pro. However, we still don’t know all that much about a new iMac. So when will Apple’s updated all-in-one be available and what specs will give it an advantage over the MacBook Pro, which is due to be announced in the same window?

When will the new iMac be released?

It’s common knowledge that Apple has a final big event in 2016 planned for either late October or early November. It’s also becoming apparent that event will focus on their Mac lineup, which Apple hasn’t spoken about all that much lately. With that in mind, according to iTech Post, those looking to pick up the updated iMac can expect the new all-in-one to be released alongside the new MacBook Pro, which in turn is expected to fall during the latter part of 2016.

Also worth keeping in mind is the fact that Apple most recently updated their iMac in October last year. With that in mind, an October release would be completely natural for Apple’s newest iMac and would allow them to focus their efforts in October on the entirety of the Mac range.

That being said, it isn’t a certainty that Apple plans to show off an updated iMac at their October event. As Apple fans are more than aware, the technology giant holds a number of events throughout the year, each used to announce and release new products. With rumors that Apple has plenty of new devices to show off at their October event, including a new MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and Mac Mini, there’s a possibility that the company will push the release of their new iMac into 2017.


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What new specs will the iMac have?

Apple doesn’t update their iMac range all that often. Whilst Apple has improved the all-in-one considerably with new specs over the past few years, the company has maintained a pretty familiar feature set and form factor. That being said, according to the University Herald, the 2016 model iMac is expected to bring with it similar specs to the new 2016 MacBook Pro. That’s no surprise considering the iMac and MacBook Pro have always been pretty similar when it comes to specs.

By far the biggest update is expected to be a 5K display. Apple has a good record of using the iMac to show off their latest and greatest displays, so it would make sense for the new iMac to be the first in their Mac lineup to take advantage of such a display. Whether or not the new MacBook Pro will follow suit remains to be seen.

The iMac is also expected to receive a considerable boost on the inside too. As aforementioned, it’s expected to gain specs in line with those of the new MacBook Pro, including most prominently, a faster processor. That being said, Apple could look to give their iMac a major advantage over the MacBook Pro, opting to include an AMD GPU. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that any current specs are pure speculation until Apple officially unveils their new iMac.

The new 2016 model iMac is expected to be announced and released by Apple in the next few weeks.

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