WWE News: Three Things ‘Raw’ Needs To Do To Avoid Cancellation

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The latest WWE news about Raw doesn’t bode well for the Monday night brand. Even though Roman Reigns — and, to a lesser extent, Kevin Owens — consistently brings ratings into the show, a combination of Monday Night Football, presidential debates, and hokey storylines that stretch way too far over the course of three hours have all worked together to bring the ratings down significantly. If this trend continues, the WWE news reports suggest that the beloved Monday night brand may be cancelled!

Of course, wrestling fans want to avoid this foreboding bit of WWE news, as — no doubt — does the company itself. But if the WWE wants Raw to continue on Monday nights — and, eventually, restore the brand to its former glory — there are three very important things that it needs to do to avoid cancellation.

1. The fans want more Roman Reigns. Give them what they want.
Love him or hate him, Roman Reigns is the main star of the Raw show, and EWrestlingNews.com wastes no time in pointing this out in their latest WWE news report. And it’s not just about Roman Reigns, himself, being placed in more fights (though that certainly wouldn’t hurt) — rather, it’s about Roman Reigns getting better storylines and better fights. He really shines when he’s allowed to show off his considerable technical prowess, which is why his fights with Rusev — himself a formidable fighter — work so well. Play more into his prowess and a good storyline, and watch the ratings soar.

2. More NXT talent. Stat.
When TJ Perkins became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter after his win, the WWE should have taken immediate note and put more NXT talent on its raw roster. But according to Talking Baws’ latest WWE news report, they’re doing everything but that — and that’s hurting the brand almost irreparably. TJ Perkins is by no means an anomaly in the NXT wrestling world — some of the company’s current biggest stars, like Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt, and of course Roman Reigns, came up under the NXT banner. More to the point: NXT fighters are less about the drama and more about the fights (such as the aforementioned TJ Perkins, who was a luchador before moving into the WWE ring). With so many complaints about how Raw is all about pointless drama and hokey fights, wouldn’t it be great if the NXT fighters could bring the focus back to where it belongs?

3. Shorten the length of the show, already!
It’s been said many times, in many ways, but the company seems to ignore the loud cries from the latest WWE news reports, such as the one put out by The Sportster. When SmackDown reduced their show time from three hours to two hours, not only did the ratings drastically improve, but the focus returned to the actual sport of wrestling rather than the needless drama of the shows. And let’s be fair: while the storylines are certainly cute and serve to pass the time well enough, the Raw storylines jumped the proverbial shark when Lana (Rusev’s wife) ended up face first in a wedding cake topped with pink frosting thanks to Roman Reigns. For Pete’s sake — Roman Reigns is not only a cousin of The Rock and The Usos, he comes from the Anoa’i family of prestigious wrestlers. Must he really be reduced to shoving a woman’s face in a cake? And none of this would happen if Raw was only two hours long. So, WWE executives: shorten the length of Raw. Please.

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