‘RHOC’ Season 11 Spoilers: Upheaval Unleashes In Episode 15, What Comes Over Tamra?

On Episode 15 of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11, the cast heads to Dublin, Ireland. A whole new wave of RHOC drama is about to hit with this group of ladies, and the Irish don’t even know it!

Monday’s RHOC episode is titled “Shamrocks and Shockwaves.” In previews for the show released by Bravo, a fair amount of drinking will be in this episode — along with the regular dose of craziness. In light of everything that’s unfolded since the accident in Glamis, that will be nothing compared to what viewers are about to see in the second half of this season.

According to one of the sneak peek RHOC videos unveiled by Bravo, the women gather at an Irish pub and begin taking shots — except for Meghan because she’s pregnant. Tamra is reluctant to let loose because she has a fitness competition coming up and doesn’t want to stray too far from her health regime. Vicki convinces Tamra to drink so she’ll relax and they can have more fun together. Next thing everyone knows, Tamra is taking shots. Check out the video below!

The synopsis reads that Tamra and Kelly get into a tense exchange, and it gets so heated that Tamra loses it. At one point Kelly “is on the outs and the rest of the ladies try to salvage their first day in Ireland by enjoying a traditional Irish Hooley Night,” Bravo reveals in its RHOC spoilers.

Previous RHOC previews have shown that Tamra loses it when she exposes a few secrets. In one of the tense moments to come on Monday night’s episode, Tamra lets it slip that Kelly wanted her realtor to see how much Heather owed on her lot. Kelly’s face has a look of horror. It appeared that something else was brewing before Tamra’s revelation. Whatever was unfolding with the ladies, there was some anger going on. What would push Tamra over the edge like that?

In last week’s preview of Episode 15, Tamra and Kelly were embroiled in a major confrontation. Tamra stormed outside screaming to Kelly that she’d kill her if she talked about her daughter. In a separate preview scene, Kelly told one of the other women that it’s no wonder Tamra’s daughter doesn’t talk to her anymore.

Since the show wrapped, it’s been apparent Tamra and Kelly aren’t on good terms. A report last month surfaced that Tamra reached out to an enemy of Kelly’s — Heidi Caldwell — to say how much the whole cast allegedly can’t stand her. Heidi is the wife of Jeffrey Caldwell, Kelly’s ex boyfriend.

A number of RHOC spoilers have geared fans up to expect a huge falling out between Tamra and Vicki and Shannon and Vicki. Shannon has a dark secret that Vicki has threatened to spill, and it will be coming out. Shannon leaked a spoiler of her own when she answered someone on Twitter who asked if Vicki actually tells everyone the secret. She said she does and it’s “disgusting” because it’s a “lie.”

The secret that has RHOC fans wondering what Vick has on her co-star. Whatever it is, Shannon tweets that even six months after it was revealed, she finds it “unbelievable.”

Episode 15 will kick off the next avalanche of drama to hit RHOC in Season 11. The spoilers reveal that the show is just scratching the surface of the insanity yet to come!

The Real Housewives of Orange County, Season 11, Episode 15 airs Monday night on Bravo at 9 p.m., ET/6 p.m., PT.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]