Ellie Goulding Says A Vegan Diet Helped Her Recover From Exhaustion And Anxiety

Ellie Goulding vegan recover exhaustion anxiety

Ellie Goulding has opened up about her struggles with anxiety and mental health problems, according to Hello Magazine. The 29-year-old “Love Me Like You Do” singer explained the real reason why she had to cancel her shows recently.

Ellie Goulding raised eyebrows this summer when she canceled a series of shows from her “Delerium World Tour” after reports had surfaced that the singer was diagnosed with exhaustion. And now in her interview with Stylist, the singer reveals that she had felt as if her body was “giving up.”

Ellie Goulding explained what it was like battling with anxiety, saying that every time she had a panic attack, she felt like she was “dying of a heart attack.”

“It’s a very hot, burning feeling, like your heart is racing uncontrollably which is extra scary for me because I actually have a heart defect.”

This July, Ellie Goulding’s anxiety reached its height and the “Burn” singer says she had to deal with tiredness, not wanting to physically exercise, and not being interested in “anything.” But Goulding, who turns 30-years-old later this year, says it wasn’t depression, it was her body “giving up.”

Ellie Goulding also talked about the importance of other people speaking out about their mental health, adding that too many people are “quiet” about their mental health.

“When you feel anxiety, it’s a very lonely feeling. It makes you feel like you’re the only person in the world feeling that way.”

Ellie Goulding is one of many celebrities who has opened up about their struggles with anxiety over the past few years. This summer, a former member of One Direction, Zayn Malik, made headlines when he canceled his gigs, blaming “the worst anxiety” of his career.

And while Malik merely offered his apologies to his fans, Ellie Goulding is more open about her battle with anxiety. The singer revealed the nature of her panic attacks, saying she had this “very hot, burning feeling.”

Ellie Goulding explained her motivation behind canceling a series of gigs this summer, according to the Mirror. In the same interview with Stylist, the singer revealed she had feared she would lose her voice entirely if she didn’t take some time off.

In fact, it was her doctor who advised Ellie Goulding against performing this summer, saying that her voice “might not bounce back from it” after the singer had done nearly 100 shows.

“They did a bunch of tests on me and I have been diagnosed with exhaustion.”

And one of the things that helped Ellie Goulding get back on her feet and defeat anxiety was going vegan, according to Clearly Veg. In a video released along with Stylist‘s interview, the singer said being “an aspiring vegan” resulted in increased energy levels and good body shape.

Ellie Goulding also had a few things to say about the adverse effects of meat on human health.

“Meat is very hard to digest and it’s also, it was also something that was once alive and was living flesh.”

But Ellie Goulding was quick to explain that following a vegetarian lifestyle doesn’t mean eating only vegetables, and having to put up with tasteless food. In fact, the singer thinks that “most of the appeal” of eating a meal is the spices and herbs. So why not add them to vegetables?

“You can basically dress something up the way you would dress up meat and you get the same thing.”

At the end of the video, Ellie Goulding shares her smoothie recipe, which includes spinach, kale, cocoa powder, peanut butter, and banana.

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