Queen Sugar Recap: ‘As Promised’ Stirs More Drama In The Bordelon Family

The latest episode of Queen Sugar left fans reeling when the truth about Charly’s famous baller husband, Davis West, finally came to light. When Charly and Davis met with his accuser, Melina, things took an unexpected turn. Melina revealed she and Davis had been involved for the past three years and although she was an escort, she felt her relationship with him was more than just casual sex. She also revealed she and Davis had made plans to be together that night, but when he received a call about his son being sick, he decided to head home.

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He gave her extra cash and left. However, Melina didn’t know Davis’ money wasn’t just a kind gesture. He was actually giving her money because he’d offered her to his teammates. When she got out of the shower, other players on the team were waiting for her and that’s how she was raped. As expected, Davis denied her claims, but fans were left speechless when Melina played a recording of her call from Davis after she went public with the rape allegations. By the end of the recorded conversation, Charly finally realizes Davis has been lying the entire time and having affairs for years. She apologizes to Melina and storms out of the conference room.

Then, there’s Ralph Angel. Charly and Nova’s troubled younger brother finds himself in the midst of chaos yet again. Although it appears he’s making changes for the better, Ralph Angel still manages to get involved in dirty dealings with his co-workers. While working at the warehouse with his co-workers, he begins stealing electronics to sell on the streets. After one transaction, he wants out, but his co-worker isn’t having it. The guy then tells Ralph Angel they’ll be storing electronics at his farm.

The two become embroiled in a heated argument and Ralph Angel gets jumped. After Ralph Angel makes it clear that he won’t be involved in their scheme, he asks his boss to lay him off. When the boss refuses, Ralph Angel threatens to tell his parole officer about the kickbacks his boss has been taking out of his check. The two ultimately end up agreeing to disagree and Ralph Angel walks out.

Later that evening, police officers arrive at Ralph Angel’s home to search the farm. With stolen electronics in the barn, he fears he’ll be heading back to jail. But to his surprise, officers found nothing when they searched it. Ralph Angel soon learns he has his Aunt Vi to thank because she made sure all of the stolen items were thrown in the bayou. Since Ralph Angel had access to much more cash lately, Vi was well aware he was involved in some form of illegal practice. So, after a little digging, she discovered the stolen items and managed to get rid of everything before the farm was searched.

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 01: (L-R) Actors Kofi Siriboe, Dawn-Lyen Gardner and Rutina Wesley attend OWN's private New York screening of "Queen Sugar" at Crosby Street Hotel on September 1, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for OWN)

After Charly is hit with the daunting truth about Davis, she heads back to Louisiana. But, when she arrives, she doesn’t get the warm family welcome she expects – or so she thinks. Charly hears Nova’s radio interview and things quickly go south when she hears Nova’s opinion of rape victims. The conversation was relatively innocent in the beginning because Nova only appeared on the show to discuss her controversial article, which shed light on the corruption in the New Orleans Police Department.

Although she intended to discuss the article and the young man incarcerated after being beaten by officers, the guys on the show found the drama in Charly’s life more interesting. Initially, Nova refused to answer any questions about Charly and Davis’ issue with the rape victim, but as the interview went on, Nova decided to share her opinion of rape victims. She revealed how she hates when rape victims are criticized for coming forward, which definitely didn’t sit well with Charly.

As Nova got ready to leave the radio station, she briefly chatted with Chantal (portrayed by Reagan Gomez), another local activist invited to speak on the radio show. The two exchange a few words, but Nova is quite surprised when she realizes Chantal is actually hitting on her. Once the two met in person, they argued about the statement and Charly shared details about the massive $3 million pay-out Melina would receive from the settlement. Charly still argued how she didn’t believe Melina was a victim, but that was before she heard the damning recorded phone conversation.

The latest episode left fans on the edge of their seats. Now, there are even more questions. Will Charly try to make things work with Davis or is she really done? Will she have a new love interest sooner than later? Has Ralph Angel really learned his lesson? Does Nova have a new admirer? All the big questions will most likely be answered in the coming episodes of Queen Sugar.

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