Seal Kills Dog In The Sea

A man from Aberdeen in Scotland has revealed how his dog was put down after being attacked by a seal when it went into the sea.

Matthew Will went into the water to retrieve his three-year old pooch near Newburgh, but it was soon apparent that Fly the dog would need to be destroyed due to the severity of his injuries.

The 21-year-old witnessed the mauling and said that the “enormous” seal was “flinging Fly around” and pulling him underneath the water. Signs had been erected around the area stating “Beware: seals may attack dogs in water,” but it had been vandalized and then removed.

Mr. Will is now hoping that the “anguish and horror” that he had to endure with serve as a warning to other dog owners in the area who might bring their pets down to sea for a walk.

Matthew had brought Fly to the beach so that he could fetch the bodies of ducks that he was shooting. and it was during his dogs excavation for one of the birds that he was jumped upon by the creature.

“There was a sudden and terrific thrashing and howling in the water,” Mr Will stated. ” I shone my torch towards where Fly had gone in to bring out the duck but this huge seal, more than twice the size of the dog, was flinging Fly around and pulling him under the water. I was horrified.”

Fly’s injuries included his left eye being torn out, his hind legs being crushed, and blood pouring out of his wounds.