Bernice Abeyta: Colorado Mother’s Dying Wish – To Know What Happened To Her Son Who Was Snatched From His Crib 30 Years Ago

A sad plea hails from the state of Colorado as Bernice Abeyta, a dying mother, has issued a final wish to find out what happened to her son, who was snatched from his crib 30 years ago.

According to ABC News, a Colorado mother who is dying from cancer has made one final wish to locate her son who was taken from his crib more than three decades ago.

“Of course, I would like to have him back,” Bernice Abeyta, told ABC News. “I’ve always felt very positive that even though it’s been 30 years, it would happen. I think that’s what kept me going in trying to find him. There’s no way we were going to forget him.”

According to the dying mother from Colorado, she has been sending good vibes towards her son hoping that he would make his way back to his mother. She even claimed that it may be more convenient for him to find her than her to find him after so much time had passed. The one thing Bernice Abeyta has made clear during her interviews with media over the year it is that she will never forget her son or stop wondering what happened to him, no matter how much time has passed.

Christopher Abeyta was born on November 28, 1985. He was born in Colorado Springs to parents Bernice and Gil Abeyta. The dying mother always described her son as a smart and happy baby who liked to make the rest of his family smile.

“He was like a doll,” she said.

“He was very entertaining. He would do funny things and if we laughed, he would do it again because he knew he was getting some attention.”

It was on July 15, 1986, when Christopher was snatched from his crib. He was just 7-months-old at the time. He was the youngest of seven children.

According to her daughter, Denise Alves, it was the next morning that the Colorado mother noticed her son was missing. Alves, who is now 45-years-old, was just 15 at the time the incident occurred. On the night he disappeared, Alves says she can remember her family sitting in the living room while her brother was laughing at their sister who was smelling a bouquet of roses before pretending to sneeze.

Alves said she gave Christopher is final bottle before she and her mother put him in his crib to go to sleep for the night. The next morning with the family woke up, he was gone.

“It changed her forever,” Alves said describing her mother.

“It makes me sad to remember seeing her the days after Christopher went missing when she was curled up crying saying, ‘I need my baby.’ After the days turned into weeks and we still didn’t have Christopher back, I saw her get up every single day and follow up on leads searching for answers. She was so desperate, and even with the seemingly limited results of her hard work I never heard her say she would quit searching.”

According to Alves, the incident was painful for more than one reason. Yes, they had lost their brother. But the children also had to watch their mother fall apart after losing her baby.


The Colorado Springs Police Department did investigate the disappearance of Christopher, and his mother worked with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in order to try to find her son. She was also able to pass out flyers with photos of her son all across her community with the hopes of finding him.

The daughter said it was not uncommon for her mother to jump in her car and drive to another state if a tip came in that her missing son from Colorado had been spotted somewhere. When this kind of thing happened, Christopher’s mother had driven to the state and confirmed that it was not Christopher who had been spotted before the police even started investigating the tip. Her daughter can’t begin to imagine what her mother has been through.

“I am a mom now, and I can’t even imagine not knowing. She awoke to an empty crib and her baby was gone, then suspicion swirled around her. Through it all she continued to search for her son, even when it appeared local law enforcement had given up. She never once passed up an interview about my brother.”

Tips have come in over the years, but none of the tips ever led to any breakthroughs to help determine what happened to the missing baby from Colorado. The case of missing Christopher Abeyta is an ongoing and active investigation. While no details have been given, Fox News reports a person of interest in the case has been named.


Will the wish of this Colorado mother, who is dying of cancer, be granted? Will she learn what happened to her son before she dies? Only time will tell.

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