Everything Fans Already Know About ‘Supernatural’ Season 12 [Spoilers]

After what most fans would agree was a crazy Season 11 finale of Supernatural, chances are pretty good that fans are already hungry for more. Most fans already know Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki want Season 12 to be the finale of the entire Supernatural series, but there is still plenty of story for the show to tell before it ends.

The question is – what can fans expect to happen in Season 12 of Supernatural?

The Series Already Has a Premiere Date

The CW has set Season 12 of Supernatural to premiere on October 13. Fans may agree the only way this date could be more fitting for the show is if it had happened to fall on a Friday.

It Has An Insane Reverse Trailer

Fans have the opportunity to watch a long trailer with a nice preview of what Season 12 of Supernatural will include. Only one catch – the entire trailer is in reverse.

Two New Showrunners

TV Line reported that Jeremy Carver has stepped down from the show because he wanted to work on another project. Supernatural won’t be disappointing fans as Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb step up as showrunners in Jeremy Carver’s absence.

The Show Is Going Back To Its Roots

During the show’s Comic-Con panel, Robert Singer admitted that it was going to be hard for them to do anything in Season 12 that could top how explosive Season 11 was. After all, Season 11 featured an appearance from God and a battle against The Darkness. Singer wants the show to go back to its roots and spend time telling smaller stories the way the series did when it first started.

Sam Could Be In A Lot Of Danger

The finale of Season 11 left fans questioning what the fate of Sam, Jared Padalecki’s character, would be. During a brief chat with TV Line, Jared revealed most fans deepest fears. He does get shot. He, however, didn’t reveal where or how serious the injury was.

There Could Be A Few New Characters In Season 12

It was during an interview with Bustle that Misha Collins (who you may know better as Castiel) let it slip that there may be new faces in Season 12. Collins said, “I know one person who’s been hired in Season 12.” He went on to say he couldn’t reveal who the new person was, but that their character would be in Season 12 of Supernatural.


There Will Be Tons Of Familiar Faces Returning

Fans can expect Season 12 of Supernatural to include a number of familiar faces including Sheriff Jody, Donna, Claire, Alex, and Crowley’s son, Gavin.

Rick Springfield Will Take On The Role of Lucifer

The rock star Rick Springfield has acquired the daunting task of becoming the new “meat suit” for Lucifer in Season 12 of Supernatural.

Yes, Mary Winchester Is Returning

The biggest question most Supernatural fans have asked about Season 12 is whether or not Mary Winchester would actually be returning. Supernatural fans have to keep in mind that the return of mommy Winchester may not be warm and fuzzy as she is nothing more than a memory to the Winchester boys as she died when they were very young. How will the Sam and Dean respond to the return of mommy Winchester? Will they accept her with open arms simply because they share blood? Only time will tell!

The Show Is Headed For An Impressive Accomplishment

It might feel like it wasn’t that long ago that Supernatural celebrated airing their 200th episode. That, however, was nearly two years ago. In Season 12, the series will reach 250 episodes.

Will you be watching the premiere of Season 12 of Supernatural? What do you think about Mary returning to the season? Are you sad to hear Season 12 could very well be the last season of the series? Share your thoughts on Season 12 of Supernatural in the comments below.

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