Ranking Every Season In Preparation For The ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival

With under two months to go before Netflix airs the Gilmore Girls revival series Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, fans are eagerly flocking to any news about the upcoming season. Netflix has contributed to this excitement by sponsoring a nationwide event this past Wednesday in which local coffee shops around the country gave out free coffee to waiting fans. The coffee was branded with the logo of Luke’s Diner, a restaurant where Lorelai and Rory Gilmore often went to drink coffee and chat rapidly.

Fans flocked to the makeshift Luke’s Diners, and many posted pictures of their cups to social media, providing Gilmore Girls with plenty of advertising. The cups also made quite a splash on online auction sites; Brit + Co reported that some of theGilmore Girls paper cups were selling for $99 on eBay.


With all the excitement over the Gilmore Girls revival, it seemed only natural to revisit the original series. After all, all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls are streaming on Netflix now, and the only way to thoroughly prepare for A Year in the Life is to watch them in between scouring the internet for any hints or spoilers.


While each season of Gilmore Girls has its ups and downs (as well as dizzying amounts of cultural references), some certainly rise above the others. The following list charts every season of Gilmore Girls from worst to best, with important moments and key episodes emphasized.

7. Season 7

Coming in last (and certainly least) is the seventh season of Gilmore Girls. Beloved creator Amy Sherman-Palladino, whose voice and sense of humor were reflected on every episode of Gilmore Girls, left the show between the sixth and seventh seasons due to a dispute with the network. This season isn’t all bad – Rory’s rejection of boyfriend Logan’s marriage proposal was absolutely the right call to make – but it hit some sour notes.

Christopher’s and Lorelai’s surprise marriage came completely out of left field, especially because Lorelai changed her last name (and what is Gilmore Girls without one of its Gilmore girls?). And just as quickly as the marriage happened, it ended just a few episodes later. Hopefully, the Gilmore Girls revival will find Lorelai in a much more stable place romantically with Luke. After all, their banter and sexual tension kept audiences rooting for them for seven entire seasons.


6. Season 6

I promise that I’m not just ranking the Gilmore Girls seasons in chronological order. The sixth season of Gilmore Girls is infamous for being the season in which Lorelai and Rory fight over Rory’s decision to drop out of Yale. With Lorelai and Rory giving each other the silent treatment, Gilmore Girls sputtered to a halt. Their chemistry fueled the series, and Gilmore Girls had already featured more than enough plotlines about mothers and daughters cutting each other out of their lives.

5. Season 4

While it has its moments (the return of Madeline and Louise as spring break goddesses! Kirk gets a girlfriend! Lorelai and Luke finally kiss!), the fourth season of Gilmore Girls mostly deals with Rory adjusting to college life at Yale. We already knew Rory would be a pretty boring college student – she’s too judgmental and sheltered to try out any new activities – but we weren’t prepared for how spoiled it would make her.

Any problems faced by the Gilmore girls are quickly handwaved away by the writers, with Luke saving Lorelai from financial ruin with a loan of $30,000 and Rory quickly overcoming her studying difficulties at Yale. Also, Richard and Emily Gilmore separated this season, and that is just unforgivable. Obviously, the deceased Edward Hermann won’t be returning to the Gilmore Girls revival to reprise his role as Richard, but hopefully, their relationship will be honored in some way.

4. Season 5

Pros: Paris’ creepy relationship with the forty-years-older Asher finally ends. Unfortunately, it ends because of his death, but a win is still a win. Richard and Emily renew their vows in one of the sweetest moments of Gilmore Girls history.

Cons: the return of Rory and (still married) Dean as a couple is disappointing and clichéd. Unfortunately, Rory’s decision-making skills don’t seem to have improved over the seasons, and she ends the fifth season by getting arrested for boat theft with new beau Logan.


3. Season 1

The first season of Gilmore Girls is undeniably something special. Rory and Lorelai are unlike any other mother-daughter pair on television, and it’s wonderful to see the kooky cast of Stars Hollow get fleshed out.

Unfortunately, the first season moves a bit slowly, and the plot takes a while to find its legs. Hopefully, the Gilmore Girls revival won’t move so lethargically – it has to cover a full year of the Gilmore lives!

2. Season 2

Season 2 of Gilmore Girls introduces bad-boy Jess, a fan favorite often seen brooding in denim jackets or scribbling notes in books that don’t belong to him. Jess definitely receives some great character development later in the series, but our introduction to him just features a lot of whining and magic tricks.


Otherwise, this season of Gilmore Girls is near perfect – Lorelai and Sookie develop their plans to open an inn of their own, Paris and Rory go from enemies to begrudging friends, and Lorelai graduates from college.

1. Season 3

Season 3 is peak Gilmore Girls. Episode 7, “They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They,” sets the gold standard for CW-esque teen breakups. Dean’s heartbroken realization that Rory is infatuated with Jess is offset by the cheerful setting: the Stars Hollow Dance Marathon. Gilmore Girls walks the line skillfully between teenage angst and lighthearted comedy during this season.

Lorelai’s and Sookie’s plans to start their own inn are set into motion with the purchase of the Dragonfly Inn, and Rory and Paris have to grapple with the impact of college decisions on their friendship. Most importantly of all, Lane finally gets a storyline of her own.


Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premieres on Netflix on November 25. How are you preparing for the Gilmore Girls revival?

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