‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 3 Couples: Which Couples Are Still Together? Which Couple Already Has Wedding Plans?

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A lot of the focus of the reality love world is now turning to Nick Viall, as he is currently taping his season of The Bachelor. Still, it’s hard to ignore what is going on with names from the past and the not-so-distant past, and that’s why it is time to check in on the newly-engaged couples from Bachelor In Paradise. Three of them ended the season finale with plans for marriage, but how are they doing since a month has passed?

For the season finale of Bachelor In Paradise, three couples did end up engaged:

It’s hard to say if these three couples will all end up married, or if even one of them will, but some seem to have better chances.

I FREAKING LOVE THIS GIRL. (Also, snuck the lizard hanging from my shirt out of #afterparadise)

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Ever since the end of Bachelor In Paradise, there has been a bit of silence on the Instagram account of Even Bass. It’s kind of odd considering he was very active on it during the season and made sure to point out how much he loves Carly Waddell, but now, virtually nothing.

Does the silence indicate a problem in paradise?

Wet Paint reported a while back that not only was the couple doing well, but they had even kind of “joked” about marriage. Believe it or not, there was even talk that Nick Viall would have a much bigger role in the future and it would be officiating their wedding.

Even more recently, though, Waddell posted that she was back spending time with Bass and all seems well.

It seems as if they are doing quite well and while wedding bells may not be in the immediate future, it’s possible they are on the way. News on Grant Kemp and Lace Morris appears to be pretty scarce, but there are no problems in their relationship.

Lace has been sure to capture it all and let the world share in her love with Grant, as she’s shown on her Instagram account. It is quite interesting to see that they are having some professional photos taken, and perhaps that is a sign, but nothing concrete.

People has reported they are living together in San Francisco and the villainess has apparently found her true love.

The third couple of Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray leave the least to wonder about as it certainly seems like they are doing fantastically. According to Hollywood Take, the couple is doing extremely well and are likely doing some wedding planning already.

Yes, Amanda has had to deal with custody issues with her ex, who she thinks is just trying to cause trouble for her. No matter what, Josh is sticking by the side of her and her children for fun, the long run, and some “family” trips.

Many fans thought that at least one of the newly-engaged couples was nothing but for the good of the show and that Bachelor In Paradise forced it. Here it is more than a month later, though, and the three couples are still going strong.

Over the years, there have been a number of couples, who have come out of the different series of Bachelor shows. Having the three couples end up engaged at the end of season three of Bachelor In Paradise was something that no one saw coming, and as of now, they are still together. Whether or not there are three weddings in the future remains to be seen, but so far, Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton appear to have the best chance.

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