‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 842: Nami Finds Ways To Weaken Cracker’s Biscuit Soldiers But Luffy Dominates Battle, While Sanji Prepares For Engagement With Pudding [Spoilers]

‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 842: Nami Finds Ways To Weaken Cracker’s Biscuit Soldiers But Luffy Dominates Battle While Sanji Prepares For Engagement With Pudding

The One Piece manga chapter 842, mangaka Eiichiro Oda, focuses on the long-winding battle between Luffy D. Monkey and Commander Cracker, but he also offers glimpses of multiple events that are unfolding, including Sanji’s upcoming nuptials and the struggle of Carrot and Chopper in Brulee’s Mirror World.

[Warning: One Piece Chapter 842 spoilers/recap ahead]

In chapter 842, a humongous Luffy is seen struggling against the biscuit soldiers incessantly generated by Big Mom’s tenth son, Commander Cracker. While these soldiers look tough and menacing, they are being rendered useless by Nami’s quick thinking.

Instead of fighting against Cracker’s soldiers, Nami comes up with an ingenious plan of softening them up first. Thereafter, Luffy eats the soldiers. Softened by rain created by Nami, the soldiers are no match for Luffy, who keeps devouring them with the same intensity Cracker keeps generating them, reported Hall of Fame Magazine. In the midst of the battle, Cracker expresses his frustration and adds that had it not been for Nami, he would have won the battle by now. In response, Nami proclaims that Luffy will become the pirate king and hence his appetite is unlimited.

This sudden outburst surprises Luffy, who grumbles against the mammoth task she has invariable set forth for him. However, the Straw Hat captain obliges Nami’s expectations and continues to chomp down on the softened soldiers. Interestingly, in the middle of the battle, Luffy suddenly asks Nami to cease the rain and informs her that he will devour the soldiers as they are.


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The scene shifts to Whole Cake Island, where the inhabitants are confused about a strange creature that keeps sprinting through their mirrors. They describe it as, “some weird rabbit and raccoon dog thing.” The frightened villagers complain about the two individuals who appear in their mirrors at night and then disappear. They are unaware it is Carrot and Chopper who are still trying to get away from Brulee, who orders them to stop causing trouble and accept their fate.

The scene then shifts to the would-be groom’s chambers. A badly bruised Sanji with a face that resembles a puffed up “blowfish” is being tended to by his sister Reiju. In the previous chapters, it was indicated that she was the only sibling who had a soft corner for Sanji. Surprisingly, Reiju is prepping up Sanji for the “gift exchange ceremony” prior to his engagement to Big Mom’s daughter Pudding. Reiju helps Sanji put on a mask that shrinks up Sanji’s swollen face to give an appearance of normalcy. She advises that the mask is merely for cosmetic purposes and won’t heal the wounds inflicted by their brothers Niji, Yonji, and Ichiji.

While fixing the mask, Reiju brings up Sanji’s gentleman act and asks how he developed such a personality trait. This causes Sanji to reminisce about Zeff, who drilled behavioral traits like “always respect the girls”, into young Sanji.

The scene shifts back to Luffy and Cracker’s battle on the edge of Seducing Woods. After asking Nami to switch off the rain, Luffy activates a new form of Gear Fourth technique called Tankman: Full Version (Gomu Gomu no Cannonball). As retaliation, Cracker attempts to stab him with his pretzel sword but gets sucked inside Luffy’s grotesquely ballooned stomach instead. The Gear Fourth attack has super speed and long-range guided arms that can target Cracker even in the mid-air, reported International Business Times. The attack sends Cracker flying through the rest of the biscuit soldiers with fierce intensity and blazing speed. While One Piece manga chapter 842 doesn’t reveal explicitly, it is quite likely that the Gear Fourth attack subdued, if not annihilated Cracker.

One Piece Chapter 842 shows a large procession of the Vinsmoke clan heading towards Big Mom’s castle. With Cracker no longer a hindering factor, will Luffy reach Sanji and Pudding’s wedding venue in time to disrupt the proceedings and save his friend? One Piece manga chapter 843 could answer these questions.

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