Google Home Assistant Making Gains On Amazon Echo

Google Home Assistant Making Gains On Amazon Echo

Google Home Assistant is the newest big push for the tech company and they are taking on the proxy leader in the smart home market, Amazon Echo, and its smart voice recognition software, Alexa. But there are a lot of people skeptical about whether or not Google can compete in the smart home assistant market with its current crop of offerings that has made the Amazon Echo so successful.

For starters, Amazon Echo became the market leader by accident. It was the sheer vast majority of products that it offered on its website that has made it the leader and people want the kind of convenience that comes with it.

Amazon already leads the online retailer market by miles. Its offerings include just about anything that a consumer might buy at a brick and mortar store like Walmart, but it goes so much further than that. The truth is, the online cyber-market is the biggest market in the world and people are looking to it for their ever-increasing laundry list of demands.

Amazon Echo was the first major device to the market with the smart assistant, and Alexa has taken consumers by storm with her vast array of options available to them. Consumers can buy digital music, buy products, make shopping lists, set reminders, answer questions, and so much more.

It is safe to assume that Amazon has the market cornered in several areas, but Google is making some gains on them, especially with their voice recognition software, according to Omaha World-Herald.

Just consider what Google is already very well known for. Some might go as far to say that the world goes around because Google drives it. The business world, that is. Google has been instrumental in giving online users the ability to go to their website and find just about anything in the world they are looking for and answer any question. It is user friendly and they have expanded over the years to make the most out of their online business platform.

Google has such a unique voice recognition software that it is safe to assume that it will be a leader right of the gate in that regard. But it will take a lot more than that to pull its home assistant up to the top of the market. No matter how hard Google had tried, it always lagged behind in the digital music and movies market. Although it does have these services, they pale in comparison to Amazon and Apple’s iTunes.

But Google Maps can also help make up the difference. Although that feature might be better suited for the Google phone, it can also be of some use with home assistant.

But what Google seriously lacks is the ability to monetize it any further than the sale of the device. There might be some options available to consumers, which could include playing music through a fee-based service or integrating it in some way with YouTube, but the options are limited.

What has given Amazon the distinct advantage over Google in the home assistant market is that Amazon developed the Echo with other goals in mind. Amazon has a worldwide marketplace presence and it only made sense for them to give their consumer more efficient access to their global market. That is the primary advantage that the Amazon Echo has over the Google Home Assistant.

But a new study shows that the marketplace for the smart home assistant is mostly dominated by people who use it to play music, as reported by Geek Wire. That is an area that Amazon has capitalized on with their enormous digital music store that has been integrated with the Amazon Echo. The power of purchasing and streaming via voice commands is what seems to be really driving that trend. But anyone can see that Google is smart enough to form that conclusion themselves, thus potentially leading to a war in the digital music market.

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