Stealth Alien UFO Dropped Humanoid Robotic Explorer Near Guthrie, Oklahoma, Then Launched Back To Space After Retrieving It, According To ET Hunters

JohnThomas Didymus

According to UFO hunters and investigators, a stealth alien spacecraft may have dropped a humanoid robotic explorer in Guthrie, Oklahoma, retrieved it after several hours, and launched back to space on October 3, 2016.

The sensational claim by members of the UFO community followed a bizarre report submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) on Wednesday, October 5, 2016, by an unnamed witness.

The report was filed as Case 79614 in the database of MUFON that describes itself as the largest UFO documenting and investigating organization in the world.

According to the witness, a Moultrie trail camera set up outside his home in Guthrie, Oklahoma, photographed a metallic, humanoid, robot-like object and a bizarre UFO flying across the sky.

The strange objects appeared in separate images taken on the same day, Monday, October 3, 2016, by the camera placed outside his home.

This suggested to alien hunters that the object was a mobile unit that had moved out of sight by the time the camera took the next image seconds later.

An image taken of the same space near the witness's home, about seven hours later, did not contain the mysterious robotic object, but visible in the distance was a rocket-shaped UFO flying in the sky.

The witness sent the images to MUFON on Wednesday after he discovered them while reviewing the photos taken on Monday. He sent them to MUFON because he was puzzled by the objects that appeared in two separate images taken hours apart.

However, he was certain that the metallic humanoid object did not remotely resemble anything that was normally seen near his house. He also could not guess what the rocket-shaped object that appeared in the photo taken seven hours later might have been.

"Attached are pictures taken on a Moultrie trail camera," the witness reported in his written testimony submitted to MUFON two days after the sightings.

"I was deleting pictures when this human form caught my eye. This object is less than 200 feet from our house," he continued. "We have nothing that would look like this thing on the back. I am sending two pictures taken in the same minute. The first shows it is there and the second shows it is gone. The human form is on the right side of the picture by the wheelbarrow."

Some alien and UFO enthusiasts speculated that the mystery humanoid object looked like a module that detached from a larger machine. They argued that the metallic humanoid object may have been a robotic lander or explorer that was dropped to Earth from an alien UFO spacecraft. The UFO spacecraft later retrieved its lander module and flew back to space.

The second photo showing a rocket-like craft in the sky, according to alien hunters, captured the moment that the stealth alien craft launched back to space after it had retrieved its lander module.

The robotic object appeared only in one of a series of images taken within a minute because it began moving around after landing on Earth, possibly collecting Earth soil and rock samples or photographing the environment like NASA's Curiosity rover exploring the Martian surface.

UFO blogger Scott C. Waring agreed with fellow UFO hunters that the rocket-like object was a UFO. But he rejected the suggestion that the humanoid object was a robotic lander or explorer.

He suggested that it was an alien in a spacesuit that dropped to Earth from the rocket-like UFO.

"The UFO is in the distance, and then sitting on a upside-down wheelbarrow is seen a black object that looks like a person in a black space suit," the veteran UFO blogger wrote in an October 9 post to his UFO Sightings Daily blog.

"It looks like aliens are taking notice of Guthrie and for them to leave the ship means there is some important research to be done there," he continued. "Also for the person to use a suit, it tells us their body cannot survive on Earth in our normal conditions."

But some skeptics claimed that what looked like a rocket UFO in the second photo was, in fact, what UFO analysts, such a Scott Brando, who manages the website UFO of Interest, term a "blurbo."

A blurbo is the blurry, out-of-focus or smeared-out profile shot of common flying creatures, such as birds and insects.

According to skeptics, a blurbo may look blurry because it was captured out-of-focus by the camera. It may also look smeared-out because it was moving at a speed past the camera lens at the time it was photographed.

This is not the first time that alien hunters have reported sighting what they believed to be an alien UFO dropping a landing pod, a robotic explorer, or an alien astronaut to Earth.

The Inquisitr reported earlier in February that alien hunters raised alarm that a stealth invasion of Earth may have commenced following multiple reports of mysterious glowing orbs seen dropping "landing pods" at various locations across the country.

Several of the sightings were disturbingly similar. Witnesses reported sighting glowing or flashing orbs hovering over the sky before dropping smaller orbs that fell to the ground.

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