Loretta Burroughs: ‘Snapped’ Takes Chilling Look At Killer Grandmother Who Kept Husband’s Dismembered Body Parts In Closet


Loretta Burroughs, also known as Loretta Tokash Doyle, was a grandmother who killed her third husband, Daniel Burroughs, and kept his chopped up body parts in boxes in her closet. Snapped on the Oxygen Network will air her story tonight, according to their website. Authorities say that Loretta Burroughs wanted to keep her husband near after she killed him in their New Jersey home six years prior. For the crime, she is doing time in a New Jersey correctional facility. Guests who will appear on Snapped include former acquaintances, police investigators, and family members of the victim.

In September 2007, Loretta Burroughs told friends and family members that her husband, Daniel Burroughs left her and took off with a waitress in Florida. After he vanished, Loretta packed up her bags and moved from her Mays Landing, New Jersey, home to another city. Police say that, over the next several years, she moved from place to place, lugging the same bags and boxes with her.

But the doting grandmother harbored a terrible secret in those bags. Her missing husband’s remains were inside them. Authorities made the discovery after they executed a search warrant at her new Hampshire Drive home in Ventnor to investigate fraud charges.

Detectives went to Loretta Burroughs’ home for one case and ended up solving an almost seven-year mystery. Family members of Daniel Burroughs say his disappearance was never a mystery to them. They knew almost immediately that Loretta had something to do with it because the elderly man would never walk away and leave his boat, his brand new truck, and his expensive tool collection.

Daniel and Loretta Burroughs met in high school several decades earlier and became high school sweethearts. They lost contact over the years, but were reunited and a budding romance commenced. Daniel Burroughs was Loretta’s third husband. Her second husband, Joseph Doyle, mysteriously died in 1993.

Once Loretta and Daniel Burroughs reconnected, they appeared to be two lovers who had found each other after years apart. But a decade later, the marriage soured, and in 2007, Loretta Burroughs took out a knife and stabbed Daniel Burroughs to death before dismembering his body and placing the body parts in a closet.

Convinced that his best friend’s wife had done something terrible to him, Daniel Burroughs’ brother, Raymond Wantorcik, hounded investigators to reopen the case to take another look at Loretta Burroughs.

By then, Loretta Burroughs had sold the home, divorced her husband, and moved, taking along with her his head and other smelly body parts that she had wrapped in plastic and stored in boxes. Finding Dan Burroughs’ allowed family members to know exactly what happened to him. Although, it was difficult to lose him in such a horrific way. Friends remember Dan Burroughs as a man with a big personality. His brother, Ray, made the following statement about him, according to the Daily Mail.

“Danny was a personality that many indeed loved and enjoyed being around,’ his obituary stated. ‘His animated, funny sense of humor and most of all, his willingness to ‘stop what he was doing to help someone in need’ seemed unparalleled. Dan was gifted and had the ability to fix or make just about anything … Dan and his younger brother shared many of the same interest, hobbies and were as close and loving as any two brothers could ever hope to be. I’ll never have closure.”

A jury found Loretta Burroughs guilty and sentenced her to 55 years in prison, according to NJ. Tonight, Snapped fans will find the story riveting and unbelievable. Watch it tonight on the Oxygen Network at 9/8 p.m. Central. Also, take a look at another Snapped case that will air soon, involving the story of Donna Blanton.

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