40-Year-Old Man Brings Underage And Pregnant ‘Wife,’ 12, To Chinese Hospital For Checkup

A man from Xuzhou, China was arrested recently after taking his preteen “bride” to a hospital for a routine prenatal checkup.

As noted by the Mirror Online, the young girl, 12, was allegedly accompanied by the man, 40, to Xuzhou City Central Hospital in East China’s Jiangsu Province, along with a woman who claimed to be the mother-in-law of his “wife.” Once there, the elder parties explained to doctors that the girl was three months pregnant and that her youthful appearance actually concealed the fact that she was really a 20-year-old woman.

On sight alone, doctors were able to quickly deduce that the age given by the girl’s so-called “husband” was a lie, and attempted to figure out the truth from her.

“It is obvious she is just a child,” one of the staff was reported as saying.

Unfortunately, the 12-year-old was of no real help, as she was not able to speak a word of Mandarin, the native language that most in Xuzhou are fluent in. Additionally, the lack of ability to converse in that particular tongue also proved to officials that the girl was not a legal resident of China, as well as the fact that she had no forms of identification to provide her name or true address.

The man was said to have become increasingly incensed by the hospital workers’ constant inquiries about his “wife.”

“I took her here to be examined,” he purportedly stated. “Just do your job [and] stop asking so many questions.”

Several pictures of the pregnant girl made their way to social media, including one of her sonogram, which displayed a healthy child, one of her stomach, which was covered in stretch marks due to the pregnancy.

There was also a picture of the man interacting with doctors, as the expectant mother covers her protruding stomach with a long jacket.

Police speculate that the 12-year-old may have come from someplace else in Southeast Asia, where arranged marriages with children are extremely common. They are also dealing with the real possibility that the girl may have been abducted by her “husband” from her family in parts unknown, or that she could have been sold to the man in Vietnam, which is directly across China’s border.

The 40-year-old was taken into custody at the scene, while the girl was properly examined and released to the care of Xuzhou police. It is unknown what happened to the man’s mother.

In related news, a woman has been accused by police of selling her 6-year-old son to pedophiles in order to fuel a dangerous drug habit.

Mexico resident Olga Maria Bojorez Rodriguez is currently being held by police in the Latin American country for allegedly prostituting her own child to pay for her habit, so says the Daily Mirror. The child, now 6, who has been under the care of relatives since he was 3-years-old, was said to have disappeared from his elementary school last summer without warning. His family immediately feared that Rodriguez may have had a hand in his abduction, but she denied all involvement in the incident.

Last week, their worst fears were confirmed when it was discovered that the child had indeed been horribly abused, although there was no mention of whether or not the child had admitted to the act, or if he had somehow been found after being missing for the entire year.

Rodriguez was said to have been picked up by police in the El Florido district of Tijuana, just miles away from the border that separates the country from the United States. She is being held in police custody as law enforcement begins the investigation into who had a hand in sexually assaulting the 6-year-old. The boy is said to be in therapy to help him deal with the abuse he suffered.

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