Burst Media Offers Background Ad Units

Online advertising provider Burst Media announced a partnership with AdCamo to enable advertisers to run a clickable background ad unit across a select group of its web sites. Background ads (also known as “site skins”) are non-intrusive online advertisements that run in the “white space” of a website. These ads offer advertisers a much larger creative footprint and can be used for both branding and response campaigns.

The AdCamo background ad unit Burst will be offering has numerous advantages over a typically static site skin. The background ad can be tracked for impressions, are clickable, and can run in tandem with an IAB banner unit. Furthermore, Burst, with AdCamo, can offer advertisers a brandable cursor that allows an advertiser to upload a creative element (32×32 pixels) that serves as the cursor when a user runs a mouse over the background ad.

The background ad will be available on many of Burst’s 4,600 specialty content websites and vertical audience networks. Burst’s audience networks allow advertisers to target specific audience, including: Moms, Early Adopters, Family Builders, Baby Boomers, Family Travelers, Green, Trendsetters, Gamers, Wellness and Entertainment. Burst also offers publisher-sponsored vertical ad networks such as CDKitchen Cooking Network, Real GM Sports Network and the Daily Jolt College Network.

One site that I see using background ads a lot, though maybe set up manually but effectively, is Perez Hilton. He is not under Burst Media and I am not even sure if he offers tracking to his background advertisers. I’m sure though that his advertisers though can easily feel the effect of ads on his site that tracking is not even needed.