'Insecure' Season 2, Episode 1 'Hella Great': Issa And Lawrence, Sex Scene Shockers [Spoilers]

The second season premiere episode of Insecure on HBO lit up Twitter and caused Insecure to become a trending item on Sunday evening. The first episode of the second season of Insecure, titled "Hella Great," gave fans of the show a shocking update to the antics displayed by the couple at the center of the dramatic comedy, played by Issa Rae and Jay Ellis.

When viewers left off at the end of season one of Insecure, Issa had wandered away from her frustrating relationship with Lawrence and sought to get "d***ed down" properly by another guy. When Issa confessed that she had cheated on Lawrence, Ellis shot back with a heart-rending, "You f***ed that n****? Issa!"

Lawrence also got back at Issa by bedding another woman right across their bed. Issa only witnessed Lawrence's lonely Best Buy shirt hanging in the closet, a sign that he had been trying to get off the couch and do something with his life and career goals. When the season premiere of the second season opened, Lawrence bedded a woman who had been very complimentary towards Lawrence as a bank teller. But the bank teller wouldn't be the only woman that Lawrence would end up shockingly sexing in the premiere episode of Insecure Season 2.

While Issa went through all sorts of machinations to get Lawrence back, like setting up a "Wine Down" party -- complete with cheap wine and friends and a guy performing a "Blood Walk" that had Issa questioning his choreography -- many of Issa's plans seemingly failed. Issa had received a jury summons for Lawrence in the mail, and she used it as the perfect opportunity to show Lawrence that she was doing just fine without him. She was hopeful that the revelation would send Lawrence back through Forgiveness Land and back to her couch and bed.

Men are relating so much to the cuckolded Lawrence's plight that they've created the on Twitter.

After Issa went on a bunch of dates with guys who only made her long for Lawrence more and had her spitting a rhyme about being a cheater and answering honestly "f them" when she thought about the high school kids she was attempting to mentor, Issa practiced her Lawrence-catching tactics. From a non-caring, nonchalant stance to a sexy here's-your-jury-summons-on-my-cleavage-and-glutes dance, Issa was disappointed when Lawrence sent her a text saying he couldn't stop by during the "Wine Down" party that he didn't know was happening and had been planned with Lawrence in mind.

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Instead, Lawrence had been encouraged by his buddy to actually take the bank teller out of bed and on an actual date. As Lawrence and the bank teller ate, Issa bemoaned his absence to her best friend and later fought off a garbage can fire. As life happens, though, Lawrence would stop by unexpectedly, when Issa donned a T-shirt and little black booty shorts, asking for his mail. Instead of any of the scenarios she practiced, Issa brought Lawrence his mail to the door, her sad puppy dog eyes wide awake. Instead of that being the end of things, Lawrence claimed he left things in the bathroom. Issa let him in, and as he returned from the bathroom, Lawrence took Issa into his arms, leading to a scene that had all of Twitter counting his few movements.

Issa Rae [Image by Amy Sussman/Invision/AP Images]

Without many more words, Lawrence stood, said he had to leave, and kissed Issa on the cheek. It was a scene that fans on Twitter said had them "shook," with folks likening it to a wide gamut of things. Issa and Lawrence's hookup has been called anything from dangerously angry makeup sex to a hopeful sign of reconciliation. However, previews of the second episode of Insecure Season 2 show that Issa will learn about the bank teller Lawrence is dating.

Meanwhile, videos purporting to contain the full "Hella Great" episode of Insecure Season 2 are filling YouTube, with most of the videos containing thumbnail photos of Issa and Lawrence from the new season or old seasons and time lengths of 59 minutes or so, even though Insecure is only a 30-minute long show. Most of those YouTube videos don't contain actual footage from the first episode of the second season, but the video below from The View contains footage from "Hella Great." Lots of YouTube videos contain links to other sites, encouraging people to stream Insecure from what could be nefarious links.

Checking out the video tab of Twitter for Insecure footage could prove fruitful, though many videos are GIFs of reactions to Issa and Lawrence's sex scene.

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