Rihanna Lashes Out At Chris Brown Amid Drake Cheating Rumors

Rihanna posted a rather controversial message on her Instagram that points a finger at her exes. She posted a picture on Instagram with the text that said: “None of my exes are married or in happy relationships so it’s safe to say that I wasn’t da problem lol.”


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Without a doubt, one can say that Rihanna was pointing a finger at Chris Brown, her ex who’s in quite a mess at the moment. The Inquisitr had reported that Chris Brown is in a downward spiral of sorts lately. Chris Brown got into the clutches of child protective custody services. Chris Brown defended himself and said he took care of his daughter Royalty and accused fans of judging him. “I take care of my daughter fully,” Brown said in a video. The video has since been deleted. “Somebody make (sic) an accusation, 90 percent of y’all believe it, and it’s bulls–t. The last three weeks or whatever been going on with the accusations, you know it’s false.”

Moreover, Chris is having a tough time digesting that Drake and Rihanna are serious about each other, the Hollywood Life has stated. “Chris doesn’t believe for a second that his soulmate would tie the knot with her long-term side piece,” an insider said. “[He] ain’t buying that for a minute.”

It looks like not only is Chris Brown having a tough time getting used to the fact that Rihanna and Drake are a couple, but he’s also fooling himself by thinking RiRi would come back to him.

her majesty and I, off to her nail appointment ????????????

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Drake had publicly accepted that he and Rihanna were very good friends. People magazine stated. “She’s one of my best friends in the world. She’s a living breathing legend in our industry. She’s someone who I’ve been in love with since I was 22-years-old,” he said. Drake was all praises for her.

“She succeeds by being something in which no one in this industry does which is by being herself – the same girl from Barbados surrounded by the same friends. We love the videos which change their artistic vision from year to year. But most of all we love the woman who hasn’t changed from day one.”

While Drake may have said all those things, the couple is now hit with rumors that state that Drake might just be cheating on Rihanna. The Inquisitr had quoted Bossip as saying that Drake is cheating on Rihanna with India Love. The source also went on to say that he/she didn’t know hoo “Rihanna fit into the situation.” If the rumors are true then Drake and Rihanna’s fairy tale might just be an illusion. Are they headed for a breakup?


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The publication had also claimed that it’s not just Drake who is looking elsewhere, but Rihanna too may be involved with her long-time flame, Leonardo Di Caprio. The two were seen leaving the same restaurant in New York. It’s true that it might all be coincidental, but onlookers had something else to say.

“There is clearly a lot of chemistry between them,” the insider added. “When the DJ played (Rihanna’s track) ‘Work’ they were fooling around and being very tactile. They kept whispering in each other’s ears. They just had natural chemistry. It was like old lovers meeting.”

If this is true then both Rihanna and Drake may be cheating on each other despite claims that the two are very close.

Do you think Rihanna did a good thing by lashing out at his exes on Instagram? Do you think Drake is cheating on Rihanna? Could RiRi be involved in a secret relationship with Leo? Tell what you think in the comments section below.

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