‘Teen Wolf’s’ Tyler Posey Talks About Making Yoga Hosers With Johnny Depp, Kevin Smith And Their Families

Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey is starring in Yoga Hosers, a new movie with two father-daughter teams. Johnny Depp, Lily-Rose Depp, Harley Quinn Smith and Kevin Smith will have major parts to play in this cult comedy-thriller that is sure to become a classic favorite with teens.

Jay And Silent Bob star Kevin Smith is directing this film, which showcases the collective talents of his family and Johnny Depp’s family. Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey, a family friend of the Smith’s, is rounding out the main cast.

Kevin Smith’s Daughter Harley Quinn Smith and Johnny Depp’s Daughter Lily-Rose Depp are both 17-years-old and have worked together before. The girls are amazing together and so team Depp and Smith got to work creating a movie that would show off the girl’s obvious comedic talents.

Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey, says he immensely enjoyed working with Kevin Smith, who is both actor and director in Yoga Hosers. This is a family fun kind of movie made by two families and a lot of other cool people like Tyler Posey according to the A.V. Club. It is a best friend comedy with a horror thriller twist.

Lily-Rose Depp and Harley Quinn Smith play two Canadian best friends, who both happen to be named Colleen. The girls love yoga and mess with their cell phones a lot, but the best part of the film is their hilarious banter. The two girls have a natural chemistry and it just works.

Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey plays Gordon, a socially awkward teen. The character is so different than Posey’s actual personality, that he fell in love with the part according to Teen Vogue. It was no doubt a challenge for Tyler, pretending to be socially awkward.

“When I was in high school, I liked to have fun, I really enjoyed goofing around, being the class clown. This character is the opposite of that; he’s not confident and overcompensates by being a jerk.”

Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey and Kevin Smith of Jay and Silent Bob fame have been friends for many years. Posey said the movie was exceptionally fun to make because he admires the work of Kevin Smith so much according to Teen Vogue.

“I was a huge fan of his [Kevin Smith’s] growing up. I fell in love with his movies when I was a kid, then [I got to] meet him at a young age when I did his podcast. When I went over to Kevin’s house for [that interview], Harley was pretty young at the time, I think she was about 13, and a big fan of Teen Wolf.

Harley Quinn Smith Kevin Smith Jennifer Schwalbach Smith

Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey is apparently ready to sign up as a member of the Smith family, and who wouldn’t want that. Imagine being around Silent Bob all the time, but beyond that, it is a total family affair. Kevin Smith’s wife, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith is also in the film according to IMDb. Jennifer works with Kevin on many of his projects including Tusk.

Not only is Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose Dep starring in the film, but his 14-year-old son Jack Depp, who looks almost exactly like his dad, is also in the film. He is completely destined to become a heartthrob, with that face.

Lily Rose Depp

Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey enjoyed working with the Smiths and the Depp family on this film, which allowed for a lot of improve and funny moments.

“We really had a lot of fun on set; Kevin let us improvise and do our own thing, and let us do whatever we wanted to do. I remember reading all of Gordon’s lines and cracking up at every single one of them.”


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Inviting Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey to be in the film was also a stroke of genius for Silent Bob, A.K.A Kevin Smith.

Jay and Silent Bob star Kevin Smith is always funny. Fans know that, and remember, Silent Bob wrote the movie so be prepared to laugh. Like most cult movies, Yoga Hosiers is not getting great reviews from movie critics, but that is simply to be expected. Fans know what they like, and the majority of movie goers are loving the film.

Yoga Hosiers starring Tyler Posey, the Johnny Depp family, and Kevin Smith’s family was released on September 2 and is available now on Amazon Video.

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