New 24-Karat Pill Lets You Poop Gold — Just In Time For Christmas

Just in time for Christmas, now you can buy pills that lace your poop with 24-karat gold.

Last year's holiday rage was glitter pills that added a bit of sparkle to your poop. However, this year, the poop pill industry has stepped up a notch, making the poop decorating business just a little more classy.

The Indulgences Gold Pills were created by Ju$t Another Rich Kid as a novelty item for the wealthy individuals of the world. The poop pills claim to turn your "innermost parts into chambers of wealth," according to their website.

"Analogous to our culture's obsession with luxury and consumption, these 24K gold leaf capsules turn your innermost parts into chambers of wealth. Consume and digest."
Although the Indulgences Gold Pills were originally invented in 2005, they are just now going viral on the Internet.

Each order comes with three gold pills filled with 24-karat gold leaf. The capsule will break down when digested and disperse the gold leaf into your bowel, where it will intermingle with your poop and create an extravagant bowel movement when the time comes.

Now, when you are at that classy party and the toilet won't flush, you will have a conversation piece, rather than a disgusting mess to deal with.

How much does it cost to turn your poop into gold? Well, it is not cheap. The set of three Indulgences Gold Pills will set you back $425.

CNN Money described the pill as the perfect gift for someone that wants to "bling out their bowels."

Kenneth W. Courtney, creative director of Ju$t Another Rich Kid, claims that ingesting gold is simply the next level of expressing one's wealth and does not believe the gold poop pills are over the top or strange.

"As a conceptual piece, [the pills are] intended to give the person who has everything the ability to take it to the next level, and consume gold so that even the most human/least luxurious part of them comes out sparkling with gold."
The artists that create the items for Ju$t Another Rich Kid make it a point to tailor their designs to the "creation and demand for the unnecessary."

The Huffington Post revealed that it is not stated how much gold will actually be visible within your feces after swallowing the three pills, so doing so is at your own risk.

The pills are not considered to be harmful to a person.

At this moment, the gold poop pills are temporarily unavailable on the Ju$t Another Rich Kid website.

If you don't want to wait for the pills to come back in stock, Etsy is selling knock-off versions that replace the 24-karat gold leaf with gold glitter, which will still give your poop that lustrous sparkle without the high price tag. The gold glitter pills sell on Etsy for $10 and are non-toxic.

"This listing is for 10 gold glitter pills. Each glitter pill is made using clear gelatin capsules size 0. The gold pill is filled with the non toxic glitter! "
However, if you are adamant about lacing your poop with real gold, a packet of gold leaf from your local hobby store will set you back about $12 and a pack of around 120 empty gel capsules will run about $5 online. So, for much less than the $425 cost, you can make your own glitter poop pills.

What are your thoughts? Would you splurge on gold poop pills?

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