Charlie Sheen Is A Grandfather, Catches A Child Support Break, And Why He’s Liquidating His Assets

Charlie Sheen has the potential to be a true role model for HIV-positive people who are too upset to live life positively. Usually, HIV patients are known to suffer from depression that is brought about by shame, trauma, and drug abuse. However, Charlie Sheen hasn’t let his health condition and legal hassles stop him from enjoying life.

The controversial actor’s HIV-positive status was made public on NBC’s Today show even though he had been living with the virus for a long time. However, the Wall Street actor continued to enjoy his life despite facing problems in his acting career. In fact, the Economic Times reports that Charlie Sheen thoroughly enjoyed the occasion when he became a grandfather after his daughter Cassandra Estevez gave birth to a daughter of her own in 2013.

In the Anger Management actor’s opinion, the most remarkable day of his life was the day on which his granddaughter was born. Charlie Sheen’s granddaughter, Luna, is now three-years-old, and even though the family has managed to keep her out of the public eye, the Two and a Half Men actor posted a photo of his beloved granddaughter on his Instagram account recently.

Alright kiddo, now come home smarter than when you left!

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Even though Charlie Sheen is facing legal and financial problems while dealing with threats from his ex-fiancé Brett Rossi and six sexual partners, the Beyond the Law actor is making sure that he spends quality time with his loved ones. Earlier, the actor had clearly revealed that his “bad boy” days were over and he is dedicatedly following the treatment under the medical care of Dr. Robert Huizenga. The Mercury News reports that the actor, who is usually accompanied by an entourage of porn stars, flew to the cities of Las Vegas and Seattle in a private jet along with Lola and Sam, his daughters, who wished to enjoy the Macklemore concerts scheduled in those two cities.

Charlie Sheen’s trip along with his daughters comes amid reports that Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller, Charlie’s former wives, have softened their stance against their celebrity ex-husband about child support. Considering that Charlie Sheen is genuinely facing financial problems, both Denise and Brooke have reportedly reduced the $55,000 a month child support to $25,000.

There was a time in the Two and a Half Men actor’s career when he had earned the status of being the highest-paid television actor, making upwards of $613,000 a month by featuring in popular television programs like Two and a Half Men and Anger Management. However, the Hot Shots! star is liquidating his assets to prepare himself just in case his former sexual partners file a lawsuit against the HIV- positive actor, who has been accused of withholding his HIV status while having unprotected sex.

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But being an actor with several high-profile friends, Charlie Sheen remains unworried amidst his financial problems. In fact, TMZ reports that the private jet plane which carried Charlie Sheen and his daughters to Las Vegas and Seattle was provided by Robert Earl, the CEO of Planet Hollywood.

Despite his problems, Charlie Sheen is striving to get his acting career back on track and is showing steady progress in his endeavor. In fact, the Hot Shots! actor has already signed up to work alongside Whoopi Goldberg in Nine Eleven, an action drama which tells the story of five people who were trapped in the World Trade Center during the September 11 terrorist attacks. As a New Yorker, Charlie Sheen was reportedly euphoric with the opportunity to work in the emotional drama about an incident that united Americans.

Now, Charlie Sheen is featuring in another movie that hails diversity. According to Variety, the actor is preparing to star in a film that will be made available on Crackle, Sony’s streaming service.

Titled as Mad Families, Charlie Sheen’s latest film project tells the story of three diverse families who decided to compete against one another to claim a camping space that can be occupied by only one family at a time. Charlie Sheen is also the executive producer of the movie that pits Hispanic, African American, and Caucasian families against each other during their Fourth of July weekend camping trip. It remains to be seen whether the three families solve their problem by confronting each other or whether they get together to come up with a solution.

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