'Halo Reach' Now Better On Xbox One Than Xbox 360 Thanks To New Patch

Jovi Figueroa

Did you miss playing Halo: Reach? Well there is no need to get that old Xbox 360 up and running just to reminisce all those times at Reach because the Xbox One Backward Compatibility team has just released a new patch to make it all better.

Last year, when Backward Compatibility for the Xbox One was announced at the E3, the whole gaming community cheered for Xbox One's bold and generous move. And to the fans delight, one of the first titles to come to the Xbox One Backward Compatibility program was the well-loved and phenomenal franchise that propelled the Xbox 360 to great heights: the Halo franchise. Halo: Reach, one of the favorite titles in the whole Halo franchise, was one of the later ones to get announced for Xbox One's Backward Compatibility.

However, when it finally did, in December last year, instead of the fans carrying the Xbox One Backward Compatibility team on their shoulders in cheer, the opposite happened. The Xbox One and Bungie team were slammed because of the failure ofHalo: Reachto run smoothly on the new Xbox console. The Halo: Reach port on the Xbox One was so bad it was almost unplayable. This really dampened the spirits of many Halo fans who were eagerly looking forward to the title's re-release.

Fast forward ten months later, there's finally a new reason for the Halo community playing on the new generation console to look back and reminisce. A new patch for Halo: Reach on Xbox One's Backward Compatibility is now live.

The news of the Halo: Reach patch on the Xbox One Backward compatibility was first broken by Xbox Platform PM Lead Bill Stillwell on his Twitter page.

— Bill Stillwell (@wcstillwell) October 7, 2016

User TritonK175 posted excitedly on the Halo forums.

"Seriously!!! The new update that released today (October 8th for those interested) has not only 100% fixed the framerate, but visually the game's now A LOT crisper and the colours, to my eye anyway, seem more vibrant and 'pop out' more, even compared to the 360 version!!! So what are you waiting for??? Stick your copy into your Xbox ONE, download the update and at last enjoy Bungie's final Halo the way it's meant to be!!! FIREFIGHT FOR THE WIN!!!"
"Unyshek: We spoke with the fine folks on the BackCompat team, and they confirmed that this should help with performance (framerate). If you've downloaded the update and have any feedback for them, just let me know and I'll be sure to relay it to them!"

If you're curious on how the Halo: Reach Xbox One Backward Compatibility patch has improved the performance of the game on Xbox One, check out NX Gamer's video below.