Mia Khalifa Is Not Quite Done Burning People On Twitter


Mia Khalifa has become known for more than her short-lived career in the adult film industry. The internet sensation makes headlines for her witty remarks on Twitter. Mia Khalifa does not hold back, especially when it comes to her love of sports.

The former Pornhub adult film star proved that she’s not done putting people through the ringer on the social media site. She has since addressed the public falling out she had with Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly. The football player deleted his Twitter account after Khalifa posted screengrabs of direct messages he allegedly sent to her on Twitter following his loss to Florida State.

Now, the sports writer has addressed the incident during her appearance on 96.5’s Break Room, as reported via the Daily Caller. During the interview, Khalifa called Kelly out for sliding into her DMs and called him a little “b****” for deleting his Twitter account. However, she defended him, saying that he didn’t do anything wrong or embarrassing.

“He didn’t have to delete his social media and go into hiding. He didn’t say anything bad. He didn’t Brett Favre himself or anything,” Khalifa admitted. “I don’t think that he is a dog, or an inappropriate guy whatsoever. He could have easily, either A.) ignored it, or B.) went on his social media and said, ‘Hey, I didn’t say anything that bad.'”

But, of course, Kelly went into hiding instead. When Khalifa was asked by the radio host if she made Kelly a “b****,” she gave a resounding “Yes!” according to Maxim. Kelly is now having the last laugh at the expense of Khalifa. Her favorite team, the Seminoles, are doing horribly while his Rebels are outside the top 10.

Khalifa recently called out another athlete, according to a previous Maxim report. This incident involves Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell, who tweeted a clip of Khalifa lip-syncing along to his freestyle rap. His fans weren’t happy about the clip since it featured the infamous adult video star, and took to Twitter to vent their frustrations towards him.

There was also that one exchange between Khalifa and minor league hockey professional player Tom Sestito, who insulted the social media star after he trashed talked Hershey Bears’ player Liam O’Brien.

Khalifa isn’t just getting into it with athletes on Twitter. She’s calling out everyone in her path, including fake FanSided writers. In case you haven’t heard, Khalifa has a new gig. She’s now a sports writer for the media outlet. She has a weekly column for the Time Inc. site FanSided and of course, it’s receiving its own share of controversy. FanSided “columnist” Burt Gertson slammed Khalifa in his “column” and the two had some recent Twitter beef, according to The Big Lead.

It all started when Gertson wrote a “post,” in which he dragged Khalifa and mentioned “d**k pills” and “firing Ping Pong balls out of her crotch.” Gertson is supposedly a 54-year-old “sportswriting veteran” who has “worked for more papers than you have teeth,” including the New York Post, cites Mashable. Andrew Bucholtz of Awful Announcing, a siter site that covers sports media, insisted that Gertson is a “real person” who “writes his own columns.”

Then the New York Post said this, “No one at the Post Sports Department has ever heard of or worked with anyone named Burt Gertson. Appreciate you checking.”

In a strange turn of events, FanSided revealed in a series of tweets that Gertson is not a real person. It turns out that column and Twitter feud was all made up just for publicity.

“There seems to be some confusion / anger over @BurtGertson’s column. Burt’s column has been running for weeks. It is fictional satire. This week’s column tackled the topic of @miakhalifa coming aboard as a contributor. We thought it would be funny to imagine Burt’s reaction. When @awfulannouncing asked us questions, we decided to have some fun with them.

“It was honestly meant to be in good fun. If the humor didn’t land, that’s on us. But it was absolutely meant as humor. And yes, Mia was in on the joke. From the start. The point of Burt’s column is to highlight generational chasms in the sportswriting world. That’s where Burt comes in. He has a purpose. We understand this was probably very confusing for a lot of people. But it was honestly meant to be theatrical commentary. Honestly.”

Khalifa has gone from starting Twitter feuds to making them up for headlines and click-bait. What are your thoughts? Sound off below in the comments section.