Alien UFO Spacecraft Launches From Inside Lunar Crater In Apollo 11 Photo — ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence That ETs Beat NASA To The Moon? [Video]

UFO hunters claim sensationally that an old Apollo 11 photo shows an alien UFO missile, rocket or spacecraft launching from a lunar crater. The Apollo 11 mission photo, allegedly showing an alien spacecraft launching from a Moon crater, may have been snapped by a NASA astronaut from inside an Apollo 11 module passing overhead at the time.

The trail from the exhaust of the alleged UFO spacecraft as it launched from the lunar crater is clearly visible in the old photo, alien hunters claim.

The Apollo 11 mission was the spaceflight that landed the first man on the Moon, Neil Armstrong, on the lunar surface on July 20, 1969, at 20:18 UTC.

The latest alleged discovery of evidence that aliens beat NASA to the Moon was discovered by prolific YouTube alien hunter Paranormal Crucible and announced in a video uploaded to YouTube on Friday, October 7, 2016.

The raw, unprocessed Apollo 11 NASA image, uploaded to the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) website, may be viewed here.

“[Apollo 11 mission] image appears to show a missile-type UFO cruising across the Moon.”

According to UFO hunter Paranormal Crucible who describes his YouTube channel as the “Home of the Bizarre,” the Apollo 11 image inadvertently documented the presence of advanced alien species on the Moon before the first human astronaut set foot on the lunar surface on July 20, 1969.

It shows “what appears to be a missile-type UFO cruising across” the lunar surface, according to the alien hunter.

But the UFO hunter also speculated that the craft may have been a man-made craft from a government-alien space program allegedly being run in secret alongside NASA’s space programs.

“Could NASA be bombing alien installations on the lunar surface, possibly using high tech ships from the secret space program?” Paranormal Crucible wondered.

“[This is a] very odd object. Not convinced it is an alien craft. More likely something we launched, but at who and why?”

Alien UFO on lunar surface
NASA Apollo 11 photo shows alien rocket spacecraft launching from inside crater on lunar surface [Image by NASA/Public Domain/UFO Sightings Daily]

According to alien and UFO conspiracy theorists, the NASA space programs, including Projects Mercury and Apollo, were a smokescreen to hide the advanced secret deep space programs being conducted by the Pentagon in alliance with technologically advanced alien species, such as the Grays, the Reptilians and the Tall Whites.

The technologically superior alien species provided the science and technological expertise needed to run the programs in exchange for access to Earth resources, especially human genetic resources that the aliens allegedly needed to conduct bio-genetic hybridization research projects to create a new race of human-alien hybrids.

A self-proclaimed expert contributed to discussions on a UFO forum by revealing some secrets of ongoing genetic hybridization of the human species with alien races.

“Greys are behind genetic experimentation being done in cooperation with global shadow government,” the conspiracy theorist lectured. “Typical Greys [‘Short Greys’] are a genetic crossbreed modified from conquered human species, insectoid and lizard species. They were genetically modified by the Draconians [a subspecies of the alien Reptilian race] to serve them as a slave race.”

“The good Greys (i.e. the Tall Greys] are humanoid even though they look very similar to the slave Grey [Short Grey] race,” the expert added.

Alien UFO and Gray aliens
Grey alien species land in UFOs [Image by Lena_Graphics/Shutterstock]

Several world governments, including the U.S., Russia, China, Japan and the E.U., reportedly have separate secret space program alliances with various alien species. According to some secret space program conspiracy theorists, such as Dr. Michael Salla, on his Exopolitics blog, the U.S., Russia and China have entered into independent technology-transfer treaties with rival alien species who have taken the opportunity to make Earth another theater of star wars conflict that has been ongoing between extraterrestrial civilizations for hundreds, thousands or maybe even millions of years.

According to Paranormal Crucible, the alleged UFO rocket launched from inside a lunar crater could be a secret space program missile. The missile was launched to bomb lunar installations of a rival alien species-backed secret space program that colonized the lunar surface.

But some conspiracy theorists argued that even if the alleged UFO was an advanced secret space program craft, it would still be an alien craft because secret space programs are supported entirely by alien science and technology, with rival alien species using humans to prosecute proxy space warfare.

UFO blogger Scott C. Waring noted that the alien UFO may have been captured on camera from an Apollo 11 module passing overhead.

Thus, the photo was probably taken by Apollo 11 mission commander Neil Armstrong or pilot Buzz Aldrin as they landed the Apollo 11 Lunar Module in Mare Tranquillitatis on July 20, 1969 at 20:18 UTC.

“You can see a trail behind it, probably debris from the Moon’s surface trailing the craft,” the alien hunter added.

UFO fans exchanged ideas on multiple forums about the latest “smoking gun” evidence of alien species on the Moon.

An enthusiast claimed to have spotted the “V-shaped” platform from which the alien UFO was launched and a hidden entrance to an underground alien lunar base inside the crater.

“If you follow the trajectory of the rocket to the middle of the picture you will notice what looks like a V-shaped landing platform, and an entrance into the moon,” the UFO hunter announced.

This is not the first time that alien hunters have announced the discovery of alien crafts on the lunar surface. One of the most sensational claims of all times was probably Waring’s discovery in March 2011 (see video below) of a 10-km-long rocket-like alien ship parked on the edge of the Waterman Crater near the Tsiolkovsky crater on the lunar surface.

The alleged massive alien craft that Waring described as a “star ship voyager,” was spotted in an old Apollo 15 panoramic image of the lunar surface.

The raw Apollo 15 image may be viewed here on the USRA website.

UFO hunters claimed at the time that the “star ship” was only one of several massive alien crafts abandoned on the lunar surface thousands of millions of years ago by visiting spacefaring technological aliens.

According to Waring, NASA released the Apollo 15 image containing evidence of alien presence on the Moon accidentally. Alien hunters discovered and published the evidence before NASA could block access to the image as part of efforts to enforce the agency’s alleged UFO non-disclosure policy.

Alien hunters also claimed in April 2016 to have discovered a 10-mile-long alien spaceship and a 120-mile-long alien highway in a 1967 Lunar Orbiter III photo of the Moon’s surface.

[Featured Image by Iurii/Shutterstock]