WWE News: John Cena Interested In Full-Time Gig That Could Replace WWE

John Cena is considered one of the elite WWE Superstars of all time. Few can challenge his impact on the business and his longevity on WWE programming is something no one can rival in WWE history. However, Cena is currently in the twilight of his career. While he continues to claim that he will never leave WWE, he has been featured on Raw and SmackDown much less over the past year of WWE television.

His commitments to Hollywood and FOX Network's American Grit television series have forced him to take a lot of time away from the WWE ring. Although that may seem like a bad thing, the benefits of that have done great things for WWE programming. Other WWE Superstars have been able to get more time and better spots. It's given WWE a lot of new faces, but it has ultimately been the best thing for John Cena.

Not only is Cena becoming a mainstream stay away from WWE, but it's also exposure for the WWE product, especially when he returns to WWE programming as he did this year for the feud with AJ Styles. Suddenly, Cena's matches are much more important and special because they aren't as frequent, which has allowed the WWE Universe to accept his current role. The only problem is if Cena becomes too successful, WWE may lose him for good.

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Tomorrow night at WWE No Mercy, John Cena will challenge AJ Styles for the WWE Championship along with Dean Ambrose in a triple threat match. The expectations for the match are high, but it'll likely be the last big match the WWE Universe sees of Cena in 2016. He'll be taking a hiatus from WWE programming to film the second season of American Grit, which will lock him up until the end of December.

There is no doubt that John Cena will be back for WrestleMania season, and he'll be a part of WWE Royal Rumble in January. It's been reported that John Cena is currently looking at two possible creative plans for his return. He'll either be facing The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33 or he'll be winning his 16th WWE World title on the grandest stage of them all to tie Ric Flair's record in grand fashion.

Either plan will undoubtedly lead to a huge WrestleMania moment if he's able to stay healthy, but there have been some recent reports that threaten John Cena's commitment to WWE programming in 2017. For example, he is currently wanted for a huge role as a Marvel superhero in an upcoming film. More recently, Cena claimed he was interested in a full-time gig that would force him to cut back a lot of time to WWE.

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John Cena was asked if he would be interested in the co-hosting gig for Live with Kelly that is currently up for grabs. He was very optimistic that if he were given the chance to fill the role, he would most likely take the job. It's all speculation at this point, but Cena answered the WWE Universe with the following:

"I'll answer the phone, but I'm not going to sit by the phone. It's really cool to sit down with a suit and tie in the morning and then fly to SmackDown Live and be a WWE Superstar."
If Cena were to get the gig, he'd most likely only be able to make commitments to major WWE events and PPVS, which would drastically cut down his time on WWE programming. His absence would continue to bring positive effects to the WWE product, and it would ensure he could wrestle those matches for much longer. However, the WWE Universe is going to have to get used to WWE without John Cena.

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