Brittanee Drexel Update: Inmate Says Missing Teen Was Gang-Raped, Beaten, Shot Dead, And Fed To Alligators

New York teen Brittanee Drexel, 17, went missing while on Spring Break in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in 2009. The teen’s parents say that they have recently learned the horrifying details of their daughter’s presumed death from a South Carolina inmate who says he witnessed the girl’s final moments on earth. The family says they now want justice for their daughter, as the man believed to be responsible for Brittanee’s gruesome death has not been arrested.

The Daily Mail reports that the parents of Brittanee Drexel spoke out for the first time since learning about the presumed last moments of their daughter. The devastated couple say that investigators told them that they may have information on Brittanee’s case as a jailhouse informant provided them with information that they believe to be accurate.

The informant told police that he walked in on Brittanee’s rape and murder at a “stash house” in McLelinville, South Carolina. A “stash house” is a location that drugs or other illegal things can be stored. The inmate says he was at the stash house when he saw a then 16-year-old Timothy Da’Shaun and other men were raping the young woman. The informant says that he continued on with his business, but as he was leaving the house the girl ran outside and tried to escape. As she attempted to run from the house, the man says that Da-Shaun pistol whipped the girl and took her back inside. Once inside, the informant says he heard two gun shots and later saw the woman’s body wrapped up and taken away.

The inmate says he later heard that Brittanee’s body was dumped in an alligator pit so that the gators would eat her body and get rid of all the evidence. Police note that Brittanee’s body has never been found but that the story is backed up by some physical evidence in the case, including the fact that Brittanee’s cell phone last pinged in an area close to the purported “stash house.”

The parents spoke with Dr. Phil about the gruesome details noting that Brittanee didn’t deserve any of that.

“My heart just broke because Brittanee didn’t deserve this. Brittanee didn’t even know these people. And for them to do that to my daughter is just, I mean, for nothing. I just feel like, you know, they’re monsters. I mean, they have no regard for anybody’s life.”

Chad and Dawn Drexel note that they had no idea that Brittanee was traveling to Myrtle Beach with her friends. They claim she left without warning with her friends and was later reported missing after she left a friend’s hotel room and never returned. Surveillance footage shows the girl leaving the hotel and never returning.

Following her disappearance, Chad Drexel says he went to McLelinville to pass out flyers regarding his missing daughter and unknowingly handed a flyer to his daughter’s alleged killer, Timothy Da’Shaun. Chad says he was walking in the middle of a dirt road where he had been searching for his daughter and handing out flyers when a car approached. He notes that the car likely wouldn’t have stopped except for he was in the middle of the road blocking the way. He says that De’Shaun was driving and that when he handed him the flyer, the man just crumpled it up and laughed. Chad says the occupants in the back were whispering and the group laughed as they drove away.

“I handed the flyer to the driver and the two people in the back were whispering. I stick my head in and say do you know anything about this girl, I’m her dad? They laugh and I just give the flyer to the driver and he crumples it up and tosses it out the window and drives off as they are all laughing.”

The devastated father says he didn’t know that the man was his daughter’s suspected killer until he spoke with his private investigator about the incident. While police say they do not have enough evidence to charge De’Shaun, they say that the pieces are starting to fall in place. They say other inmates have come forward with additional details on Brittanee’s purported death and that the “tidbits” of information are being backed up.

Meanwhile, De’Shaun says that he has never seen the girl except for on his computer screen.

“My reaction to it was like, you know, it’s not true. I never saw her, I’d never seen her besides the TV and the internet. Through a computer screen. So when they read it out it was unbelievable.”

[Featured Image by Missing Brittanee Marie Drexel/ Facebook]