Donald Trump Told Howard Stern It’s Okay To Call Ivanka Trump A ‘Piece Of A**,’ And Other Misogynistic Quotes

Just one day after America heard the leaked tape where Donald Trump exclaimed that he just “grabs [women] by the p***y” the orange one is at it again. Another shocking Trump comment has surfaced regarding his own daughter, Ivanka Trump, that proves, at least, that the 2016 presidential candidate is consistently sexist and it doesn’t just end with non-family members.

Before Republicans have even begun to clean up the mess left by Trump’s comments to Billy Bush that were caught on a hot mic in 2005, another round of inappropriateness has come to light. This time around, it was the Donald’s comment to radio show host Howard Stern about his own daughter, Ivanka Trump.

CNN reported on the most recently uncovered proof of Donald Trump’s misogyny. As many are still reeling over the conversation between Trump and Billy Bush, it seems that his remarks to Howard Stern about his own daughter are even more appalling. In the newly uncovered footage, Trump discusses Ivanka’s body as well as threesomes, having sex with a woman on her period, and his proclivity to leave a woman before she turns 35-years-old.

The most shocking (as if anything he says is shocking anymore) is a conversation from 2004 between Stern and Trump, where the billionaire businessman seems pretty comfortable and even gives his consent for Stern to call Ivanka a “piece of a**.” The conversation went like this:

“My daughter is beautiful, Ivanka,” says Trump.

“By the way, your daughter,” says Stern.

“She’s beautiful,” responds Trump.

“Can I say this? A piece of a**,” Stern responds.

“Yeah,” says Trump.

In another conversation about Ivanka Trump, Donald and Howard Stern discuss whether or not the 2016 Republican nominee’s daughter had breast implants. This conversation reportedly took place in October, 2006, when Stern commented that Ivanka’s breasts looked much larger than before.

“She’s actually always been very voluptuous. She’s tall, she’s almost 6 feet tall and she’s been, she’s an amazing beauty,” Donald Trump responded.

As if Donald Trump’s commentary about his own daughter wasn’t enough, there is even more footage coming to light that further proves the level in which the 2016 presidential candidate disrespects women. Just a couple of years before giving permission to refer to his own daughter as a “piece of a**,” Trump discusses the perfect age for a woman and at what point he likes to break things off because, in his opinion, they have become too old.

Apparently, Trump believes that 30-years-old is the perfect age for a woman. As he and Stern had a laugh, Trump referred to 35-years-old as “check out time.”

Ivana Trump must have been something special because her marriage to Donald Trump ended at the ripe old age of 43. Marla Maples checked out of her Trump marriage at 36-years-old. It seems that Melania is beating all of Donald’s former leading ladies because he really pushed his own “check out time” with her. Melania is currently 46-years-old, so she better watch out. Or maybe she’s considering that divorce like many have urged her to do in the wake of some of her husband’s most revealing and misogynistic comments to date.

During another time, Donald Trump and Howard Stern got to talking about how young some of their conquests were getting as they get older. It’s like they took a line from the movie Dazed & Confused when Matthew McConaughey’s character Wooderson said, “That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.”

Well, it’s like that except a whole lot creepier. In Donald’s case, when asked if he had an age limit on the women he was willing to sleep with, he said, “No, I have no age — I mean, I have [an] age limit. I don’t want to be like Congressman Foley, with, you know, 12-year-olds.”

It’s hard to imagine that Donald Trump was looking ahead at a possible run for President of the United States when he commented on his history of threesomes or his mistaken sex with a woman on her period. Or when he told Howard Stern that it was totally okay to refer to his own daughter as a “piece of a**” for that matter. Despite how shocking all of these newly uncovered sound bytes are, though, can we really say that we’re all that shocked anymore?

[Featured Image by Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images]