‘Teen Wolf’ Drops First Scene As EP Asks ‘Who Can We Kill’ [Video]

It has been a long wait, but the Season 6 premiere of Teen Wolf will soon be upon us, and for fans too eager to wait, the Teen Wolf panel at New York Comic Con dropped a preview, the first eight minutes of the debut episode. It has been an emotional wait, between fearing that Dylan O’Brien might not make it back as Stiles Stilinski and learning that the upcoming installment would be the final season for Teen Wolf, but that wait has now been rewarded. As the series nears its sixth and final debut, creator and showrunner Jeff Davis promises the show will go out with as much suspense and action as ever. In fact, the Teen Wolf boss teases some shocking news.

The First Eight Minutes Of Season 6 Sets The Stage For A New Threat

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Entertainment Weekly reports that the Teen Wolf panel at New York Comic Con opened up the conference with a treat for fans, recognizing that a great many have been nervously waiting news on Season 6, following Dylan O’Brien’s accident. Now that things are back on track and O’Brien has been able to return to the Teen Wolf shooting schedule, Jeff Davis was able to deliver a teaser, the first eight minutes of the Season 6 premiere.

The preview reveals that Teen Wolf will be introducing an entirely new threat, bringing a group known as the Ghost Riders to Beacon Hills, and the first casualties of these supernatural forces are a normal, unsuspecting family. The Teen Wolf preview mysteriously introduces the first victims of the Ghost Riders, just as Scott (Tyler Posey) and Stiles are beginning to accept that their hometown may no longer need their protection.

A found boy introduces Scott to the first glimpses of the Ghost Riders, but as he describes the vision he gathers from the boy’s memory, it begins to seem as though this may be a mortal threat. Certainly, that’s what Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby) takes from the description given by Scott, but Teen Wolf fans are sure to recognize that a shotgun toting madman riding into Beacon Hills on horseback stinks of anything other than a run-of-the-mill human villain.

Teen Wolf Boss Promises All Bets Are Off For Season 6

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The Ghost Riders won’t be the only source of drama in Season 6 of Teen Wolf, as Deadline reports in covering the panel at New York Comic Con. One of the biggest questions raised at the event focused on Stydia, the romance between Stiles and Lydia Martin (Holland Roden), and, in answering questions about that romance, Teen Wolf boss Jeff Davis also addressed a number of concerns about how the story arc would ultimately bring closure to loyal fans of the series.

“We want to bring some relationships full circle,” said the Teen Wolf creator. “We want to give the audience at least a few things they want.”

While Teen Wolf fans may feel some gratification in the long-awaited Stydia romance, Davis shared news that suggests there is just as much devastation and heartbreak in store for audiences. To begin, he teased that Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) and Hayden (Victoria Moroles) may not live happily ever after. At the very least, this Teen Wolf couple will be facing some “rough patches” and may ultimately find themselves at odds in facing critical situations.

Scott also has his share of troubles with the Teen Wolf executive producer sharing a coming fall for the pack leader and indicating that Scott’s inability to hold his pack together is a part of what drives the drama of the series. In fact, Davis is pleased to reveal that dark times will again befall many of the Teen Wolf characters in its final season.

Davis also shares that anyone may die in Season 6 of Teen Wolf.

“Certain characters may find their end in this last season.”

In returning to the set to write out the Season 6 story arc, Mr. Davis says there was one overriding question on the minds of all of the show’s writers.

“Who can we kill?”

While Teen Wolf will be ending with Season 6, Jeff Davis revealed that he has been brainstorming ideas for a spin-off series. One thought was creating a series around Eichen House with Dr. Deaton (Seth Gilliam) running the hospital and training teams of supernatural beings, much like Professor X of Marvel’s X-Men.

Season 6 of Teen Wolf will premiere on November 15 on MTV.

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