WWE News: Opponent For Brock Lesnar At Wrestlemania 33 Revealed

At Wrestlemania 32, Brock Lesnar had a match with Dean Ambrose, which didn’t receive much praise from the powers that be or the WWE Universe after the event was over. At the time, Ambrose was red-hot and entering WWE world title picture, so a match with Lesnar was a great way to put him over as well as make Brock continue to look unbeatable. The match was fine overall, but the WWE fans were expecting more.

Meanwhile, Shane McMahon returned to WWE and had a highly anticipated match with The Undertaker set for the grandest stage of them all inside the Hell in a Cell. At Wrestlemania 32, their match was long and slow. However, the high dive from Shane off the top of the cell cemented his rapport with the WWE fans and showcased the heart he has as a performer that could rival anyone on the WWE roster inside the ring.

It seems strange to think that WWE officials are already beginning to make their plans for Wrestlemania 33, but the creative juices are flowing to figure out what the Wrestlemania card will look like in Orlando next year. There have been reports about some plans for John Cena, but recently WWE’s creative plans for Brock Lesnar are coming to light. But, it seems his Wrestlemania opponent may have been revealed a little early.

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As of this writing, there have been several potential opponents that have emerged from various reports who could face The Beast Incarnate at Wrestlemania 33 next year. Many WWE Superstars would like the chance to face Brock Lesnar on the biggest show of the year since that is a huge money match for the company. For example, Paul Heyman has been discussing the possibility of Brock vs. Rock taking place in Orlando.

Much of the WWE Universe was hoping to see Goldberg’s return to WWE and face Lesnar in Orlando in a much-anticipated rematch of Wrestlemania 20’s bout that left a sour taste in the mouth of WWE fans. It has been reported over the past week that match will take place, but it’s far more likely to happen at WWE Survivor Series.

Apparently, the reason was that WWE has chosen Brock’s opponent for Wrestlemania 33 already and the match with Goldberg wasn’t enough for them to change their creative plans to book it in Orlando. While the card can always change, a recent report is claiming that WWE officials are planning for Brock Lesnar to face Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania 33 in a match that would be a great example of heart versus strength.

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The catalyst for Brock Lesnar vs. Shane McMahon could have been the aftermath of Lesnar’s bout with Randy Orton at WWE Summerslam. Brock’s beatdown of Orton continued until Shane intervened and got hit with an F-5 for protecting his talent, which has escalated the tension between the Raw and SmackDown brands. If WWE officials go through with their creative plans, it would be a challenging match to book.

It’s unclear how WWE would continue to book towards a Wrestlemania match between Lesnar and Shane O’Mac, but the match itself would be a strange concept. On paper, Lesnar vs. McMahon is a total mismatch, but Shane versus The Undertaker was as well. As unbelievable as the match would be, the sympathy and rapport that Shane has with the WWE Universe would be the glue that holds the match together.

Most people would know that Shane McMahon has no chance in hell of defeating Brock Lesnar one on one, but the trick would be making the WWE fans believe that he could pull off the miracle. The truth is Shane beating Lesnar at Wrestlemania is a potentially huge moment, so there is no telling what WWE has planned for the finish of the match. Brock Lesnar vs. Shane McMahon has the potential to be a great story, which is exactly why WWE officials want to have the match on the grandest stage of them all.

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