CBS Leaks ‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Next Up On The Chopping Block Matches Paul’s Most Suspicious List [Video]

He has survived a tropical storm and a health scare that almost led to a medical evacuation from the CBS show Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X. But 52-year-old Paul Wachter was not able to outwit or outplay his way past a blindside in this week’s episode of Survivor. Since then, Florida resident Paul Wachter has spoken to People Magazine about his medical scare. He’s also revealed to CBS that his medical scare wasn’t even his biggest surprise while being a castaway in Fiji.


He’s also revealed who he’s most suspicious of that is left behind on the Gen X tribe in an exit interview with former Survivor All Star Rob Cesternino. It’s a hint that matches International Business Times suggestions for who might be next on the chopping block.

This season of Survivor” is a battle of the generations. It’s the Millennials versus the Gen X-ers. So far, the score seems to be tied, with both tribes being down one member going into this week’s episode.

This week, the scales were tipped as Gen X member Paul Wachter, a boat mechanic from Florida, was blindsided by his own tribe in a heated Tribal Council. Paul Wachter was considered a leader on the Gen X tribe.

With his exit from the show last week, after a major blindside at Tribal Council, a new leader is rising to the occasion. International Business Times says, that new leader may need to “watch her back.”

That new leader is also the same person that Paul told Rob Cesternino that he was most suspicious of. But first, Paul Wachter told CBS that he definitely was not expecting the blindside. He said the only person that was expecting it was fellow tribe mate 37-year-old Jessica Lewis.


Paul told CBS that accidentally letting it slip to Jessica that there was an all-guy alliance on the tribe was what led to his downfall, and he cites it as his biggest mistake. He says, “She’s the one that started it” referring to his exit from the show.

But he also says, he definitely had no idea it was coming, and his mistake happened when she directly asked him if there was an all-boy alliance. Paul says his intention was to say they were “all staying together” but it came out the wrong way. Paul says, “Me and my big mouth got me in trouble.”

He says Jessica “used that to spark a fire,” or rather, she used that to put out Paul’s torch in Millennials vs. Gen X. Paul told People Magazine that Jessica “overanalyzed” what he said to her. It cost him his game.

Paul also opened up with People Magazine about the health scare that almost led to a medical evacuation from the game. He says it was scary, but not as scary as the thought of being removed from the game due to health. He described the quick response from the medical team when he experienced severe dehydration and said,

“It took me a few hours to get my juices flowing, but by the next day I was better than ever.”

He also told People that he wasn’t allowed to discuss the health situation with his family until the episode aired. That was difficult for him, as he is the father to two 17-year-old twins, and they cried when they watched the episode. He told CBS though that even that wasn’t the most surprising thing of being on the show.

The evacuation due to a tropical storm was something that nobody was expecting. He expected physical hardships when he was in Fiji, but did not expect that, making it maybe the second biggest blindside for Paul’s experience on the show.

If he ever had the chance to do it again, he says his biggest regret was his demeanor and he would try to be “calmer” next time reports CBS. He also has some picks to win, and told CBS the two Gen X-ers he thinks stand the best shot at making it to the end are Chris Hammons and David Wright.

He described both players as being very calculated.

His advice to future players is that everybody, including the crew, works very hard to make “this thing happen.” He also says, “It’s a really huge gift you’re being handed if you get picked and you should not take it lightly.”

Paul also had a chat with former “Survivor” All-Star Rob Cesternino. He went into his alliances a little deeper, saying Bret Labelle and Chris Hammons were part of his all-guy alliance. He also told Rob that the one he was the most suspicious of on his tribe was 42-year-old dietitian from California, Lucy Huang.


It is Lucy that International Business Times says may need to watch her back next week.

A promotional trailer for next week’s episode called “Who’s The Sucker At the Table” shows a conversation between Lucy, David Wright, and Ken McNickle.

She instructs the guys not to “talk to anybody else” which leads Ken to complain, “We went from one dictator to another.” Watch that trailer here.

Lucy is also seen “sauntering” around the camp reports the International Business Times and is also self-described as “stubborn and controlling.” These are the traits that led to Paul’s blindside, Lucy may need to watch herself says International Business Times.

But that’s not the only battle of next week’s episode. Some nudity is expected in next week’s episode in an aquatic race that will have tribes battling each other in the Battle Dig challenge. Watch this clip where a producer of the show, known as the Challenge Producer, takes you behind the scenes and discusses what goes into creating one of the first challenges of the season for this game where players must outwit, outplay, and outlast each other to become the sole Survivor, and winner of $1 million.

Next week, all eyes will be on the Gen X tribe to see if they head off to Tribal Council again, and if they blindside Lucy. The vote won’t be the only surprise next week.

International Business Times also reports that another idol is going to come into play that is described by Jeff Probst as an “emotional idol find.” Who is your pick to be the sole survivor?

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