Bethenny Frankel Mocking Ramona Singer After Fights About Divorces?

Bethenny Frankel wasn't happy with the way Ramona Singer treated her while filming the current season of The Real Housewives of New York. Bethenny was furious to learn that Ramona questioned her about her adult film she did when she was much younger and then brought it up in relation to Frankel's daughter, Bryn. Frankel had a feeling that Singer wanted to humiliate Bethenny, but her plan completely backfired when Bethenny Frankel told her she no longer wanted to be her friend. Instead, she slammed Ramona, who fought back by calling her all kinds of names.

As Bethenny planned a trip to Mexico, Singer realized she was on the outs and demanded she come on the trip. Even on the trip, Frankel flipped out at Ramona, yelling at her for making a scene about the room situation. It's clear that Bethenny isn't happy with the way Ramona is acting. According to a new tweet that Bethenny Frankel retweeted, it sounds like she's still mocking the way Ramona Singer is behaving on The Real Housewives of New York. She decided to retweet a tweet from a fan, who claimed that the episode was very entertaining because of the way Frankel was essentially putting Ramona in her place.

It seems like the drama between the two ladies goes deep, as Singer constantly wants to compare lives, finances, and relationships. As Bethenny has previously revealed, she's not competing with Ramona about the worst divorce. According to Bravo, Frankel revealed that she's not interested in comparing divorces. Mario Singer cheated with a younger woman, which is hurtful. But Bethenny's ex-husband is going to court on stalking and harassment charges. Even though divorce is not great, it should not be compared.

"I mean Ramona was married for 25 years and got divorced in six months. It was the quickest divorce in history and they still speak and that is all kind of good. I was [married] for two years and it'll be almost six years to get my whole situation done and it's been quite negative and, and documented and publicized. You can't compare -- they're not comparable. And I don't try to compare. I don't even talk about mine really on the show at all. I mean I have a daughter and I think about that," Bethenny Frankel told The Daily Dish a few weeks ago about Ramona comparing divorces.

It's interesting that Bethenny Frankel allowed Ramona to come on the trip, even though she wasn't invited. She clearly struggled with the way things went down between herself and Frankel, and she seems desperate to get back their friendship. Bethenny, on the other hand, isn't eager to make peace with Singer once again. Both ladies have teased that things between them will get worse before they get better, which could mean she will forgive Ramona again.What do you think of Bethenny Frankel retweeting fans who are clearly making fun of Ramona Singer on Twitter? Do you think it is innocent or do you think she's trying to push Singer's buttons?

[Featured Image by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images]