Kanye West Resumes Tour, Kim Kardashian Safely Back In Los Angeles

After Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris, Kanye West literally walked off the stage during a live concert in New York and flew straight to his wife. After that, Kanye postponed two concerts while tending to Kim and making sure that she was okay following the horrific ordeal. Now, Yeezy is back on track with his tour after taking the stage again and Kim has been safely delivered back home in Los Angeles where she continues to heal from the emotional trauma of what happened during Paris Fashion Week.

Kanye West returned to the stage on Friday night. It had been less than a week since Kim Kardashian was held at gunpoint and robbed of millions in jewelry in Paris. Many fans wondered if Kanye would call off his tour altogether, but that is not the case. People reported that Kanye was on stage in Chicago as the tour resumed. Kim was nowhere in sight after Kanye left her behind in Los Angeles where she feels safest.

Kanye didn’t talk about the Paris robbery when he took the stage in Chicago. Instead, he told fans “it’s good to be home.” Naturally, the comment was met with a chorus of cheers.

“Usually there’s a moment in the show, where he breaks it down with just a piano and does his little stream-of-consciousness thing,” a source told People. “I wouldn’t be surprised if something was coming. He might turn around and not ever address it or he might address it tonight. You just never know because he doesn’t plan things like that.”

For those who may have missed it (and it’s safe to say that is probably no one,) in the early morning hours of Monday morning, Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris. The thieves made off with more than $10 million in jewelry after tying Kim up and gagging her then leaving her bound in a hotel bathtub.

Kanye West was on stage at The Meadows in New York City when it all went down. After being alerted to Kim’s crisis in the middle of the performance, Kanye told his angry fans that he had to cut the concert short due to a family emergency and then took off to Paris to be with Kim.

The following day, Kim and Kanye made their way back to New York City where the famous couple remained for several days following the shocking theft. Then Kimye boarded yet another private flight headed back to Los Angeles, where Kim reportedly feels safest and again surrounded herself with friends and family while she continued to recover from the shocking experience.

Many new details in the Paris robbery have emerged in the days since it happened. Us Weekly reports that Kim Kardashian was suspicious of the “calm demeanor” of the hotel concierge who, flanked by masked gunmen dressed as police, unlocked her hotel door and let them in.

Many questioned where Kim’s private security guard was during the robbery and whether he was still employed by the Kardashian family. The answer to that is that Pascal Duvier was out with Kourtney and Kendall, who wished to party in Paris after attending Paris Fashion Week. Apparently, Kim felt safe enough at the No Name Hotel where Kanye West had taken up residence quite often since 2011 that she didn’t feel the need to keep her hired muscle on hand while she slept.

Duvier is still employed by Kim Kardashian and is still a trusted part of the security detail. That said, the Kardashians have increased their security significantly in the days since the Paris robbery and have also made it very clear that Kim’s famous bodyguard was not family and could be fired if they felt that he wasn’t keeping the E! reality star safe.

With Kanye West back on tour, he must feel confident that Kim Kardashian is in good hands. Kanye tends to be rather protective of Kim and wouldn’t have left her side if he thought she still needed to keep him close.

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]