Miley Cyrus Not Dead: Death Hoax Resurfaces Claiming Singer Is Found Dead At Home

The Miley Cyrus 2016 death hoax has resurfaced. A fake story shared on Facebook claimed that Miley Cyrus has died of an overdose.

The fake news story claims that there is a video so that users give up their information, which leads to spam and other dangerous malware and viruses infecting your computer.

According to Snopes, the Miley Cyrus death hoax says the following.

“Miley Cyrus’ lifeless body was found by her entourage in a bathtub at her Hollywood home on Wednesday, authorities revealed. Los Angeles investigators are trying to determine the cause of death. Officials refused to comment on reports that the famed actress/singer drowned from a prescription pill overdose. They have, however, made it clear that there were no signs of foul play.”

The story that claims Miley Cyrus is dead is using the Fox News logo to convince users that the story is real. Many fans of the singer are searching social media and Google to determine whether the story is true.

Miley Cyrus is alive and well. The 23-year-old singer is currently engaged to actor Liam Hemsworth and she is a coach on the reality TV show The Voice.

Miley Cyrus is also known for her portrayal of Hannah Montana and her singing career. Rumors that Miley Cyrus is dead first emerged earlier this month in 2016.

Donald Trump and Brad Pitt have also been subject to a similar death hoaxes. The fake story takes advantage of public interest in celebrities to get unsuspecting users to give up their personal information to look up a video that claims Miley Cyrus is dead.

In an Elle interview, the singer spoke about her appearance on The Voice.

“They actually had to give me boundaries of how involved I could be. Seriously! Like, legal boundaries. I’m like, Well, I’m out shopping! And they’re like, If you’re going to buy one person a rainbow vest, you have to buy every single person that exact vest! So I had to get reined in. This is a show for the people on it, the contestants. They’re not all going back to the SLS Hotel or wherever Blake stays. These kids are locked up without their phones, without their family, coming and singing in front of Joan Jett. It’s such a crazy experience, and this is their real life.”

Fuck yeah @billyidol #rebel #iheartfestival

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Facebook has reportedly warned users about death hoaxes. They seem to emerge from the same website and it is not clear that these stories get so much traction.

Miley Cyrus has been active on her Instagram and Twitter. Some users who saw the death hoax have checked into the singer’s social media account and expressed their relief that the “23” is alive and well.

In the same Elle interview, Miley Cyrus also spoke about being famous at a young age.

“When we were that age, we so thought we knew who we were. When people say you’re going to be so different at 22 or 23, when you’re 16, you’re like, I’m so not! And then you change drastically. But when you’re younger, you’re more selfish, because there’s so much self-exploration, you’re in your own mind. I didn’t think about the meat I was eating. I would wear leather; I would wear fur. I was just uneducated.”

new metro merch ❤️???????????????? fuck yeah I'm diggin it @tracecyrus !!!!

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Miley Cyrus has not responded to the rumors and is continuing her role on The Voice. The singer joined the show on the 11th season and is expected to release sixth studio album next year or later in 2016.

The 23-year-old singer is expected to appear in Crisis in Six Scenes, a television series by Woody Allen. Cyrus plays the part of a radical-thinking hippie who sells marijuana, causing chaos in a conservative 1960s household.

Miley Cyrus dead? No. Where did you first see the hoax?

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